How to Track Location of Someone’s TikTok Account

Track Location of Someone’s TikTok Account: You can find the location of a user through their IP address. The IP address shows you where the device is located and from which location the user is operating certain apps or websites. You must be wondering if it’s possible to track someone’s location through TikTok?

track location of tiktok account

Social media apps have strict security and privacy policies, and to respect the users’ privacy, social media never displays IP addresses. Some social sites might track your IP address, but that’s purely for security reasons.

TikTok is one such social app that does not disclose the IP address of a user.

Now, what if you want to track location of someone’s TikTok account on Google Map in real-time.

Well, you can use the TikTok Location Tracker by iStaunch to track location of TikTok account.

In this guide, you’ll also learn alternative ways to track location of someone’s TikTok account on Android and iPhone devices.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Track Location of Someone’s TikTok Account

1. TikTok Location Tracker by iStaunch

TikTok has become an addictive social media site with billions of people using it for sharing content. As mentioned earlier, TikTok values the user’s privacy by keeping their IP address and other personal details hidden.

However, fetching the IP address of a user is not as difficult as it may sound. It’s a cakewalk given that you have the right social engineering skills. You only have to convince the person to execute a few simple strategies to find their location on TikTok.

TikTok Location Tracker by iStaunch is a nice little tool that allows you to track location of someone’s TikTok account on Google Maps. All you have to do is enter the username in the given box and tap on the Track TikTok Account button.

TikTok Location Tracker

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2. TikTok IP Address Finder by iStaunch

  • Open TikTok IP Address Finder by iStaunch on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Type TikTok Username whose location you want to track.
  • Tap on Find IP Address and you will see the IP Address of TikTok account.
  • Enter IP in the IP Address Tracker and you will find location on Google Map.

Is it Acceptable to Find Someone’s IP Address Without their Knowledge or Permission?

It might seem like an invasion of privacy at first, but the IP address of a user is not really private information. It is absolutely legal to get someone’s IP address as long as you do not intend to use it for illegal purposes, such as harassing the user or stalking them.

3. IP Grabber

As the name suggests, IP grabber is a website that helps you generate a short link that discloses the location of the target. All you have to do is generate a link, send it to the target user on TikTok, and get them to click on it. The best part is you don’t have to spend a single dime or use any technical skills for the job. The site is completely free to use and the steps for generating a shortened URL are quite simple.

However, the method works only when the target user follows you back on TikTok. Once you have shortened the URL, head over to TikTok and start chatting with the target. Talk to him for a while, and send the shortened URL. The moment the user clicks on the URL, they will be redirected to the Grabify website. While this method works for all, know that it is only useful for people who are unaware of the shortened URL trick and how it is used to collect the IP address.

There are many people who know about this little trick and they will never click on the URL. The tech-savvy people can also use the tools to know the real purpose of the shortened URL and what’s hidden behind it. You could also set up your own website for this to sound genuine, but that will be very costly and time-consuming. Plus, there’s still a chance the user will not do what you intend them to do.

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