How to See TikTok Private Account Videos Without Following

TikTok is hands down one genuinely fun app users can download and engage in. The app has over a billion active users, with young people making up most of its viewers. TikTokers find delight in mingling with their fans and collaborating with fellow users to create original content for their videos. This well-known application is largely used for entertainment, and users typically watch funny videos or DIY tutorials. There is also a huge amount of educational content available for young viewers.

see videos of private tiktok accounts without following

It’s important to know that TikTok users can choose to use the app’s private mode, and many do so. Therefore, you must follow them if you want to see private videos. But what if you want to view videos from private TikTok accounts that you don’t plan to follow anytime soon?

Is that doable, and how should you go about doing it? Let’s answer these queries in today’s blog, shall we?

How to See TikTok Private Account Videos Without Following

Many TikTokers enjoy keeping their content private or just accessible to their followers. If this describes you, remember that TikTok lets you make your account private. However, what if you want to see a TikToker’s videos because you’ve heard they produce brilliant stuff but discover that their account is private?

It is a no-brainer that you need to send someone the follow request if you wish to view their private TikTok account. Well, this is the direct way to get access to someone’s private profiles on the app. Besides, this method is the most appropriate one that TikTok asks you to follow.

So, you can always request to follow them, but what if you don’t want to? Do you think it is still achievable? We’ve already told you it is, so let’s look at the instructions on the list below.

Creating a second account

Consider following them from a different account if you don’t want to use your primary account. Many people utilize fake profiles to stalk other users on social media platforms like TikTok, and you can do the same.

You may always make a fake second account and send them a follow request on TikTok. Use a fake username, and don’t include anything that could be used to identify you.

Additionally, make your dummy account appear as genuine as possible so they will approve your request. You can watch their videos on the app without concern once they approve your request.

Using a mutual friend’s account

Using your friend’s account to access someone else’s private TikTok videos is the second-best option. We’re not talking about just any random friend, though. Find a friend who follows the TikTok user whose videos you want to see. Therefore, we advise you to seek assistance from a mutual friend.

In the end

As we close this blog, let’s review everything we have covered thus far. We talked about how to view private TikTok accounts’ videos without following. We first discussed setting up a second account. After that, we discussed using a mutual friend’s account.

We also discussed finding their alternative social media accounts before approaching some trustworthy third-party private TikTok viewers for assistance. We discussed three third-party apps: uMobix, mSpy, and Brainans. You should be able to see the videos from a private TikTok account without having to follow them with these methods.

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