How to Create TikTok Videos: Editing Tips and Tricks

TikTok is an impressively powerful tool for video recording and editing. And its simple interface allows users to create content on the go without much effort. Hence, it becomes clear why TikTok is currently one of the most popular social networks for video sharing worldwide.

Have a bunch of nice videos piled up but have no idea how to assemble them all together in a cool way? Make an engaging video, reach the top and inspire millions of viewers to be creative! In this article, we’ll provide you with some helpful information on how to edit your pre-recorded footage to make compelling TikTok videos.

1: Adjust Your Footage

To start editing your footage with the TikTok app, open the app, hit the + button at the bottom of the screen, and click Upload to pick videos from your smartphone. On the right side of your screen, select Adjust Clips, where you can edit your footage.

Go to the Edit tab to trim your clips, split them apart, or modify their speed. On the timeline, change the order of the videos by simply moving them around, or add more clips by clicking the + button at the end of the timeline. Once you’re finished the first step of assembling your video, click Save and move on to further editing.

2: Add Transitions Between Clips

Make your video more cinematic and prevent awkward cuts between clips by embedding cool transitions from the in-app collection. To do that, go to Effects at the bottom of the screen and select Transitions.

There are great transitions to start your video, like Countdown or Switch On, and lots of subsequent transitions (Slip and Scroll, for example), or try out Switch Off for the last clip. Don’t forget to click Save to apply the changes.

3: Add Eye-Catching Text

Adding context to your video with text captions and descriptions is also another key aspect of creating captivating TikTok videos. On-screen text not only makes your content more entertaining but also inclusive and accessible to a larger audience, even those watching with the sound off.

To add your text, choose the Text tool and type it in the appeared box. Then customize the caption to match the vibe of your video, or to stand out from other videos on TikTok. Modify the text color, font, alignment, and background style as you like. You can also move the caption around and resize it.

4: Enhance Your Video with Filters

TikTok, like other content creation apps, has a built-in collection of filters to improve the overall appeal of your footage. To set the mood of your video and make visual enhancements, select Filters on the right side of the editing screen and choose the one that suits best.

5: Include Special Effects

Special effects add uniqueness to your videos, and that’s where TikTok excels. Click Effects at the bottom of the editing screen to see all the variations. These include Visual effects like Fireworks, Smoke, Snow, Zoom, or Old TV, as well as different Motion effects, Stickers, Split and Time effects.

TikTok also has a different collection of special effects that can be applied during video recording directly in the app. Expand your creative possibilities while making your next videos.

6: Add Music or Sound Effects

It’s hard to imagine a TikTok video without audio. Moreover, the right sound plays a key role in TikTok’s popularity. Using trendy music can make your video go viral.

To find music for your video, click Sound in the lower part of the editing screen. Explore the extensive library of music soundtracks, or use the search bar to find the specific one. Here you can also search for sound effects, just type the words ‘sound effect’ plus add a descriptive word (laugh, birds, police siren, for instance). 

Don’t forget to sync your clips with the audio. Do that easily with the built-in Sound Sync feature. You can turn it on by going to the Adjust Clips menu.

7: Export as You Wish

Once you’ve finished assembling your video, it’s time to publish it. Click Next on the edit page, and you’ll be taken to a post page. Here you can write a description of your video, add hashtags, tag the location and people in it, and change its visibility before it’s uploaded to TikTok. It’s also possible to share your finished video via WhatsApp and Instagram or save it to your smartphone.

8: Check out External Video Editors

Find it quite challenging to edit videos directly in the TikTok app because of the small interface on your smartphone? Or maybe you want to make your videos appear more unique and out-of-the-box? Try out some third-party video editing programs and create videos for TikTok on any device.

All of the following programs allow you to cut, split and join your clips, add music, text, and special effects, merge transitions between clips, and enhance the appearance with filters. Plus, each has a free version that doesn’t have all the available features and exports with a watermark.

For editing videos on Android and iOS devices, the InShot app is a great choice. A distinctive feature is to sync music, text and stickers with the video. A monthly subscription for $3.99 or a permanent one for $34.99.

Want to create videos for TikTok using your Windows PC? Check out the Clipify software, which can capture videos directly from your webcam, replace any video background with a green screen, and get rid of the shaking effect with ease. Upgrade from $29.40 to permanent.

Are you a Mac user or just don’t want to download anything on your device? Try out an online video editor, WeVideo, and create anywhere on any device. It has a built-in collection of stock footage to spice up your creation or add missing elements. The premium plan starts at $9.99 per month.

Wrapping Up

By the end of this article, you’ve been introduced to the process of creating videos using TikTok’s interesting editing features. You’ve also received an overview of other video editing products. Choose the software you like and enjoy the process of making stunning video clips.

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