How to Remove Someone from My Followers List on TikTok

If you’re the parent of a teenager who owns a smartphone, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen your child use TikTok. It’s a social media platform that is full of entertaining and, sometimes, even informative content. With three billion downloads to date, the app has gotten more than a little attention, especially from children ranging from 11-18 years of age. As tweens and teens are downloading this app in a frenzy, many parents are still wondering if it’s safe for their kids to use it.

remove someone from my followers list on tiktok

It’s an understandable concern, which is why we’ll tell you some important things about this platform and security measures that might put your mind at ease.

On TikTok, your child can be targeted by sexual predators, encounter explicit/inappropriate content, become a victim of cyberbullying, and even become anxious and depressed. According to a 2022 study by, young users on TikTok have a 64% chance of being bullied on the platform.

And trust us, none of these will be your child’s fault. As all parents know, the internet is a big place with all sorts of users who’ll stop at nothing for their gain or pleasure.

We aren’t saying that TikTok is an untrustworthy or insecure platform; some would even say TikTok’s privacy and security features are better than any other platform’s. We’re all saying that a few features on the platform, like the DMs and Duets, can be misused to manipulate or harass younger users.

Don’t worry; we won’t hang you out to dry. There are a few security measures you can take to ensure your child is mentally safe from all dangers. We know that some of them might come across as intrusive and problematic, so it’s best to discuss them with your kids before you take action.

The first place to start is their account’s Privacy settings. Sit them down and simply ask them if they have a private profile. If they do, then it’s all well and good, but if they don’t, explain the issues with having a public social media account on the internet.

Suggest turning their account private and choosing who can see their content, post comments, and duet with them. It’s important to make them understand why you’re suggesting these settings to them instead of just forcing those on them.

We’re saying this because, firstly, most teens go through a rebellious phase where they’ll do the opposite of everything you want them to do. Secondly, if you have a person-to-person conversation instead of a parent-child conversation, there’s a chance they’ll confide in you if and when they face a problem.

Read on till the end of this blog to learn all there is to know about removing a user from your followers list on TikTok.

How to Remove Someone from My Followers List on TikTok

TikTok is a large social media platform with users from all around the world. Let’s say that someone you don’t like or are not comfortable with joins TikTok and starts following you on the platform. Although you can’t outright block them or tell them off, you also don’t want to stay connected to them.

A gentle way to establish boundaries with this person is to remove them from your followers list on TikTok. They always have the option to add you back, but they’ll also know they aren’t welcome on your profile. Should they choose to follow you again, you can always block them, right?

If this sounds like something you might want to do, we’ve got you.

Here’s how to remove someone from your followers list on TikTok

Step 1: Launch TikTok on your smartphone and log in to your account.

Step 2: The first screen you’ll see is your Home feed. At the bottom of that page, there’ll be five icons. Tap on the icon at the bottom right corner of the page, which will take you to Your profile.

remove someone from my followers list on tiktok

Step 3: On Your profile, tap on the number of followers located right under your username.

Step 4: A list of all the users who follow you will appear. A three-dots icon will be located to the right of their username. Tap on it.

Step 5: A confirmation window will appear. Tap on the first option there: Remove follower.

remove someone from my followers list on tiktok

There you go! Now you know exactly how you can remove a follower on TikTok.

In the end

As we end this blog, let us recap all we’ve discussed today.

Removing someone from your followers list on TikTok is a simple task. We’re here for you if you’re a new user and haven’t gotten the hang of operating the TikTok mobile app yet. We’ve laid down the steps to remove a user from your followers list to avoid confusion.

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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