How to Reply When Someone Says “SUP”

Would you describe yourself as a highly sociable person or someone who’s rather be with yourself? These are the two types of personalities most people are bound by. While some claim these traits are based on preferences and unconscious mental activity, others say it’s more dependent on the person’s overall lifestyle.  The first group is of the opinion that people are introverts and extroverts from birth. The other faction claims that the tendency to socialize or remain closed off depends on the person’s other personality factors and life choices.

reply when someone says sup

A successful entrepreneur with a productive morning routine and a healthy relationship with friends and family is likely an extrovert. They find it curious and interesting to talk with others and see their perspectives, and they aren’t hesitant to communicate their points unbiasedly and clearly.

On the other hand, someone with no ambition, drive, purpose, joy, routine, or prosperity in their life will be a bummer at the party. They’ll think of themselves as better than hardworking people and think of successful people as lucky, snobbish, and privileged.

The thing is, they aren’t permanent at all! If you’re a very social person but now want to be calmer, it’s understandable and possible. All you need to do is adopt the tendency to think and consume more and speak less. Meditation, journaling, and therapy (in extreme cases) can easily help with it.

But if you’re an introvert, you’ll probably be called the buzzkill, boring, shy, and uninteresting. Introverts are of two types: the underconfident ones who don’t have anything valuable to say and those who love their own company above all else. Again, all you need to communicate with people is confidence, will, and proper practice.

In both cases, the first step involved is understanding the basic conversations in our daily lives and how to expand or cut them short as needed. If you’re determined, you won’t need anything except access to a public place, a few YouTube videos, and Google searches.

Today’s blog will discuss how to reply when someone says ‘SUP’ to you.

How to Reply When Someone Says “SUP”

Let us first explain what ‘sup?’ means. This cryptic little message has little to no grammatical meaning, right? But it’s still widely used in informal conversations, especially among Gen Z and Millennials, so it’s best to have knowledge of the word.

‘Sup?’ is an abbreviated version of “what’s up?.” It means the person asks you how you’ve been, what’s new in your life, and what you are up to. You can reply to it in myriad ways, depending on your relationship with them and your interpretation of their tone.

The default answer to this question might be the current action you’re involved in, such as ‘eating,’ ‘in class,’ ‘just chilling,’ ‘nothing much, you?.’ However, these are extremely generic answers only appropriate for people you’re close to.

In those cases, you don’t mind if you sound a bit boring, such as talking to your mother, siblings, or best friend. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you, so read on to learn which approach is best for the most common contexts.

How to reply to “SUP” in person

When someone asks you ‘sup’ in person, it is generally punctuated with a slight nod of the head in the downward direction. The common way to reply is to reciprocate the action and reply with something simple like ‘all good, my man. What about you?’

Remember that ‘what’s up’ has become more of a greeting than a literal question. So just a ‘hi, you! How are you?’ will suffice.

If you’re looking to impress, go with something like, ‘just wondering, did it hurt when you fell from whichever heaven your home was?’ Now, we know it’s cheesy, but it’s just one of the many options we have for you.

Next, you could try with any joke about the economy, like ‘gas prices man, that’s really what’s up.’ you could replace gas with anything, like bread or protein powder, if you’re gym rats.

If you don’t like the person initiating the conversation, don’t be afraid to say it! Go with ‘my blood pressure because of this exceedingly pointless, time-sucking conversation. Excuse me, please.’ Funny, classy, and firm, but not too rude or condescending.

You can also try saying simply ‘nothing much.’ Don’t ask them what’s up with them. An uncomfortable silence will then ensue, after which they’ll excuse themselves without a doubt. It can be awkward, so ensure you can do it before trying it out.

You could go with the classic and steer the conversation their way. It is effortless and makes you appear interested and a nice person to talk to. Go with ‘the usual, bro. You’re the star here so tell me, what’s up, my man? I’ve been hearing a lot of things.’

This goes for almost everyone. But there’s no way for you to control what comes next and for how long. If this person has a reputation for being a chatter, it’s best not to go this way and instead show your annoyance or disinterest in the conversation.

‘Your time lol, your time is up. Haha lol but really, I gotta go. We’ll talk soon, though?’ It’ll get you out of the sticky situation with no damage done.

Another way is to reply with ‘I don’t know man. Have you tried checking? I think the sky, but I can’t be sure. How about you let me know when you find out? Okay, bye!’

How to reply to “SUP” on text

If you’re talking with a potential friend or someone you wish to impress, it’s best to go with something different, quirky, personalized, or witty.

‘I’ve just opened my maths book and am currently going through an existential crisis. What’s up with you? :)’

‘thinking about when Mykaela must’ve realized her bubble gum is missing lol what you up to?’

‘Surely not my pay lol I’m going broke!’

It’s very casual with a hit of flirt and the overall Gen Z lightness; you can’t go wrong with it. Another funny hit-or-miss response is ‘a preposition. Next time, try to make it hard, lol.’ This is a play on the words since ‘up’ is a preposition, and they ask, ‘what is up.’

If you want to appear or are secretive but don’t want to hurt them, we’ve got something cool you might like. Respond with, ‘sorry, but that’s confidential information. Can I interest you in a sarcastic conversation instead?’ Doesn’t it give such strict but nice vibes?

Here are some responses for when you’re exclusively flirting with someone:

‘My level of attraction to you ever since you’ve texted me.’

‘Apparently, my anxiety ‘cause I really, really want to impress you.’

Of course, using these templates, you can make countless original responses to fit the context and your personality. Remember that as long as it’s not personal, there’s no such thing as weird and creepy. Authenticity intrigues most people; make it your best friend.

In conclusion

‘Sup’ is more than just ‘what’s up.’ It’s a greeting, one that’s used extensively by Gen Z and Millennials. So, instead of trying to avoid or fight it, it’s best to learn how to use it. Trust us, once you start, there’s no going back.

Different replies are based on whether you’re talking online or offline. However, it’ll make a great impression if you put in the effort to make your response as creative as possible instead of just going with a simple ‘not much, what about you?’

Don’t worry. We’ve discussed, in detail, exactly how to respond to ‘sup’ in different situations and for different outcomes. If you still have any questions about the nature of this informal greeting, do let us know in the comments section below!

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