What to Answer When a Girl Asks “Why Do You Want to Meet Me”?

You meet someone on a dating app or online on Instagram, and you make plans after casually talking for days. Well, everything’s going according to plan, and you text her informing your meetup plans! However, the girl sends you a why do you want to see me text! What would you do? The one thing we are quite sure of is that getting all panicky isn’t going to help. You want to meet her because she is fun and lovely to be around, isn’t she? Well, at least we hope that this will be your answer too.

what to answer when a girl asks why do you want to meet me

Perhaps, they are someone you know, and you asked them to meet you randomly, and hence they popped this question. In that case, you must be clear about why you want them to meet to avoid confusion.

Your replies can be strictly professional, casual, flirty, and direct, depending upon your relationship with the girl and the conversation type. You can also be rude to them if they have the same attitude.

Let’s discuss a couple of ways to reply to a girl when they hit you with this question, shall we?

Some formal/professional replies

Imagine a little scenario in your head –

You work in a company, and the girl is one of your colleagues in the office. Now, you people were in a meeting, and she was chosen to prepare a presentation and a paper for the meeting. She presents the meeting but leaves the paper behind.

Your boss tells you to give the paper to her, but you haven’t talked to her on the chat, so the call is out of the question. Now, you text her, do your hi and hellos, and then ask her to meet up.

The girl will obviously ask you the reason stating why you want to meet me. Now scenarios can be different, but if you maintain a professional relationship, you need to be direct, clear, and crisp.

There are different responses depending on the situation you are in at the moment. Let’s see a few of them below.

I needed to send you the papers you left behind in the meeting.

Hi, (insert name)! I wanted to discuss the presentation we are doing together tomorrow.

Let’s catch up! It has been a while, and we can discuss the project too.

Did you forget? We have to go to that place tomorrow!

Now, we know we need to be professional with our colleagues, but what if you are friends? You cannot go all formal with them when they ask you the same question after you annoy her to meet you, isn’t it? Well, in that case, you can go with the replies below.

Can we hang out anywhere else besides the office?

Yeah, well, we cannot watch a movie here now, can we?

Let’s go to that café we were talking about yesterday

Meeting for the first time

You have been talking to this girl for a while online, and you want to take your relationship a step ahead? Meeting in person is inevitable because you have been planning for this day for a week now.

You can always ask for a meetup and come up with replies we have mentioned below if they ask you this question. Be confident in your talking skills, and please never act cringe in your replies because that can mess up your idea of a date with the person.

We know asking for a real-life in-person meeting is a big deal, and you have no clue how to reply to their question, but we are here. You can take inspiration from some of our sample replies below and keep the conversation going.

I would love to get to know you more outside our usual digital setting.

I really wish to see that smile for real.

I want to know the “real” you.

It would be easier to have face-to-face conversations.

We can get coffee and hang out sometimes.

Flirty responses

You, out of everyone, will know the purpose of your meeting, isn’t it?

After all, it is you who has texted for a meetup. So, you can go ahead with some cheesy lines if this is the girl you have been crushing on.

Now, if your flirting game is not as strong as you think, we have added a few lines to inspire you. Why not check them out below and see which one you will choose?

Because I believe in “dreams coming true.”

Why would I miss a chance to see you?

Your eyes have bewitched me; maybe you can give me a chance to look at them in person.

No reason. I don’t need excuses to see your face, pretty

I want to be friends with you.

Umm, why not?

Other replies

We have compiled a list of replies that you can paste into a text without giving you any context. You can see what suits the conversation and go ahead with one of them.

I was actually dared by a friend to say this.

This one is a classic reply to get away from a situation you don’t want to be in. Perhaps you really don’t wish to meet the girl. You were actually dared to do it.

However, you can also use it to escape an awkward situation where the girl rejects your advances. At least the response will save your face!

We have a lot of catching up to do! Why else?

Meeting your friend after a long time is surely an amazing experience. And they can ask you why you wish to meet them if you pop the question to meet suddenly. This can be your response, then.

You make me feel cared for and supported.

This reply has the ability to make the girl happy, whether she’s your friend or girlfriend.

She would know that you feel safe and supported by her.

We have the same sense of humor.

You might be talking to your potential date, and you ask them to meet in person! Now, they may ask you why, to which you can reply with this perfect response.

Perhaps you have the same crackhead energy in you, and the girl brings the best version of that energy because she is the same. So, why not be prepared with this reply?

I feel good when I’m around you.

There’s always that one person around who you feel like yourself and a little calmer. If she’s that person, let her know!

Key takeaways

With this, we have decided to wrap up our discussion. Pay attention – The girl can be a friend or a total stranger, but you need to be respectful when you ask her to meet.

You wouldn’t want them to cut you off with one reply, right? So, always be clear with your purpose of the meeting and bear in mind that your sheer honesty will win her over and get you to meet them in real life.

We have introduced you to some of the replies when a girl asks why do you want to meet me! Make sure you read them and reply as needed!

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