How to Respond When Guy Texts You What’s Up

Hey, what’s up? – We believe everyone here is familiar with this English phrase! It is common for us to hear and read people initiate their conversation with this specific text. You will see direct messages filled with these conversation initiators. It is a way to greet or perhaps question someone. People use the phrase in plenty, but how do you respond to a guy when they text you this phrase? Imagine a guy randomly texts you with a hey, what’s up! What are you supposed to do? Well, we believe the number one rule to respond is to know the context of the situation.

respond when guy texts you what's up

You have to read the room to hit them with a reply, isn’t it? Additionally, the guy might not be someone you are crushing on even! Perhaps, they are just a friend, a coworker, or a random stranger on the internet!

Let’s explore a couple of ways to respond to a guy when they hits you with this phrase over texts!

Keeping it clever, casual, or corny

Sometimes, it might be your guy friend texting you at late hours with this common phrase. They might be asking about how’s everything going on with you. Perhaps they just want to catch up with you since it has been a long and you are friends turned acquaintances. So, your reply to their message can really turn out to be an icebreaker and spark a conversation; who knows?

You can also go with other variations of the reply we just told you about, so let us discuss a couple.

Just the usual, and you?

Simple and casual! You can send this as a reply to people who know you and how your days are passing! Perhaps your colleagues or a long-time close friend can expect this reply from you.

Same old! How have you been?

Not every day is sunshine and rainbows, isn’t it? We have our share of grey days, but that shouldn’t stop us from responding to a casual text from a friend. So, you can always use this response and ask them about their well-being.


Do you want to sound a little funny? This reply could help you have an effortless talk that can go on for hours without trying. However, be careful where you text this answer, alright? We wouldn’t want to get under hot water with our boss, right?

Oh, you know *shrugs*

You don’t wish to be rude by not replying but don’t want to indulge in conversations either? Well, this could be the reply! They will get the point that it’s probably not your day and will leave you alone after checking up on you.

It sure isn’t my salary.

This one is a classic and could be used when your boss or coworker is texting you! Who knows, a little humor can get you that bonus you wanted? One can hope, right?

All good, what about you?

This one is spot on when you desire to appear laid-back in your responses. You can also try it when you wish to dodge the question! It shows your positive and chilled state of mind.

I’ve been up since early morning trying to be productive.

You can send this one reply to your friends who are checking up on you because you have been busy lately. You can tell them about our day and tight schedule that eats most of your time to let them know!

The day is young, so hopefully, everything will turn out great.

When you type out this response to the guy, this thought runs through your mind. Your day may not be turning out as you wanted it to be, but hey, it’s not over yet! Now you know what that means? You still have it in you to make it better and flip it around.

Life’s been treating me well lately! I wonder why, though.

Is Chandler Bing your spirit animal? You’re the king/queen of sarcasm, aren’t you? This response should probably make the cut if you desire to satiate the sarcastic bones in your body when a guy friend messages you randomly one day.

The roof?

This is the most honest answer you can come up with. Type it with a straight face and no emoji, and see how they cackle! Be prepared for a good round of laughter when you type this text to our friends.

A friendly note – How about you avoiding typing this out to your boss in a serious meeting?

Witty and flirty replies

A simple what’s up can make your heart flutter when it is from your future partner. But how do you respond without sounding too clingy? Perhaps you can do it with a little wit and flirt? Try to use these witty and flirty replies and more we have mentioned below when meeting your potential suitors.

I’ve been thinking about you. How are you?

You might have received the messages from someone you like, a potential future boyfriend perhaps? The reply will work wonders if you are looking for a response that screams flirt. Besides, it will also not obstruct the flow of your conversation and will keep it going instead.

I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything that’s not you right now.

The sentence is all about a little witty with a dash of flirty, right? Why not use it on your partner and see how they outsmart this one?

I’m kinda busy, but I wouldn’t mind you stopping by.

So, you want your future partner to maybe want to come over, but that doesn’t mean you can sound clingy! Well, you can send this reply over when they text you with a hey, what’s up!

Well, if you must know, I’ve been missing you.

You can come up with this reply when you especially miss someone. You can use the texts as an opportunity to send them to your guy friends when they text you.

Umm, something’s definitely up!

You can send this as a reply when a guy sends you a what’s up, and you are feeling extra funny, or maybe something is going on! Yes, something’s definitely up, right? Perhaps, it is the ceiling (jokes aside), or literally, there’s something up with you.

Maybe you are under pressure and want to talk about it further with the person. You can also use a sentence like – I could use a little hug right now.

I’m bored! Want to come over and watch something?

Your friend can text you on a lonely weekend, and you can express your boredom as a reply. You can also call them over to kill the boredom together and binge-watch the new stranger things season together. You can also go with something like Waiting for you!

Nothing much! What’s up with you, handsome?

Pull that confidence out and hit the guy with it! A little confidence and a compliment from your side can make the person’s day and potentially bag you a partner. So, send this text the next time they send you a what’s up message.

Key takeaway

It is time to wrap up our discussion! Did you get the responses you were looking for?

A simple what’s up from a guy can mean different things, and we have already talked about it. It is you who knows the situation you are in best, right? We know you wouldn’t want to kill a conversation when you actually want to keep talking with your conversation-killing responses.

Likewise, you will never want a guy to irritate you when you definitely don’t wish to reply to them. So, make sure to come up with an epic and appropriate response to direct the course of your discussion wherever you want it to.

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