What to Say When Girl Thanks You for a Compliment

Complimenting someone, especially when it’s a girl, comes to us as easily as the warm summer breeze of March. When you begin to spend some time with someone, you quickly notice how there are just so many appreciable qualities in them. Add to all that their pretty smile, large, mesmerizing eyes, and stellar style, and you’ve got countless compliments waiting at the tip of the tongue.

what to say when girl thanks you for a compliment

However, while complimenting a girl might be uncomplicated, it’s what comes afterward that scares the living hell out of people. Let us clarify a bit: when boys compliment each other, which just doesn’t happen that often, the next one will either make fun of it, or simply acknowledge it silently and move to the next topic of discussion. But not a girl, no.

Compliments hold a special place in every girl’s heart, which is why when they hear one, they make sure it’s acknowledged out loud; often with a thank you. Now, as a guy, this acknowledgment can put you in a tough spot because you’ve no idea what to say next, but not saying it can make you seem rude, which you certainly don’t want.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, how would you get out of it? We’re here to help you with exactly that. Keep reading till the end to fully equip yourself with dealing with such scenarios moving forward!

What to Say When Girl Thanks You for a Compliment?

There are countless responses to when a girl thanks you for your compliment, but not all of them can be used in every situation, right? Well, some of them are quite generic and universal, but if you were aiming to go with them, you wouldn’t be here seeking our help.

In order to assist you to use better responses than most people when caught in such a fix, we’ve categorized your relationship with this girl in three different settings, tailoring our responses accordingly. Come, check it out with us below!

Is this girl a colleague or workplace acquaintance? Formal responses

Let’s begin with the most formal settings, and then gradually move towards the casual. If the girl in question is someone who works with you, here are some responses you should go with:

You’re most welcome

A simple, minimalist, yet humble response that’s most commonly used around the world. This one works perfectly well for a formal setting; even better when you’re hoping to end the conversation at this point.

The pleasure is all mine

We’ll call this response gratitude in exchange for gratitude. It is ideal for when the thank you comes from a colleague or acquaintance senior to you, be it in age or designation. Alternatively, you can also use it for someone you look up to at your workplace.

No need to mention it 🙂

Another example like the last one. This one goes well when thank you comes from a position of superiority, and you want to make it clear they have nothing to be thankful about through your gesture.

It’s very well-deserved.

This response means exactly as you read it. A literal response to someone whom you’ve complimented most genuinely and feel that they deserve it earnestly.

De nada

The Spanish translation of you’re welcome, this response is the one to be used when you want to be noticed, to stand out in the eyes of the girl saying thank you.

It also works well if you’re hoping to take the conversation forward, since they’re likely to ask what it means, and there’s your opening!

Is this girl a friend, cousin, or classmate? Informal and friendly responses

If this girl is someone you’re both casual and comfortable with, a large number of responses can be suitable. But here, we’re going with some quick, witty ones that lead to some pretty fun conversations. Take a look:

Anytime… at my convenience

While anytime is a generic response to thank you, leading with it will be interesting because the next person will not expect what’s coming at them after a prolonged pause!

You owe me one for it!

Since thank you is generally an expression of gratitude, responding to it with you owe me one works fine in most situations. Only here, it’s being said as a response to a compliment, making it comic and playful.

Enjoy it while you can. It’s not every day that I compliment you!

The best way to downplay a compliment: reminding the next person that it happens quite rarely. This response works well in most circles, but if you’re with a sensitive person, refrain from using it since they might take it to heart.

That’s what she/he said!

One of the most classic funny/witty remarks that has been used in a number of popular sitcoms like The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and Friends.

However, keep this response reserved only for friends and not extended family, no matter how comfortable you are with your cousins. It’s because the response has often been used with sexual undertones, making it inappropriate for them.

Your turn now! Go ahead and throw it back!

Whoever said fishing for compliments wasn’t right didn’t know what they were talking about. After all, if you’re happy to give it away freely, there’s no reason to hesitate to get some back!

Yeah, yeah. Drinks are on you this evening

A response that goes equally well with college mates as with the colleagues that you’ve grown rather fond of. Any excuse to hang out with the group, right?

Hush-hush, now don’t make me take it back

This one has been going around among siblings and cousins for century, so you can never go wrong with it. Just be prepared to face whatever jab they’re going to throw at you next.

Is this girl someone you like or have a crush on? Flirty or slightly romantic responses

We’ve been saving the best for the last. If the girl thanking you for your compliment holds your romantic interest, we have some flirty and romantic responses handy for you. Care to give them a try?

I don’t know why, but your thank you is making me blush!

If you’re one of those sweet, shy boys, such a response would not only look good on you, but might also make the girl’s heart melt just a little bit.

Oh, I’m sure you’d be used to receiving such compliments by now 🙂

This is one of the bolder responses, which, if you choose to go with, must match your personality as well. The traits we’re talking about here include playfulness, an outgoing nature, and a witty demeanor. If these resonate with you, go ahead and send her this!

I should be thanking you merely for your existence!

We agree that it sounds a bit mushy, but you needn’t overthink it. Just close your eyes and ask yourself this – do you really feel this way about her? If your answer is yes, just go ahead and say it to her. After all, the best response is always an honest one.

You needn’t thank me. I’m just admiring what’s meant to be admired.

It’s not every day that a girl walks into your life and bewitches you. You like everything about her, right from her looks to her personality. So, when she does, make sure you let her know how much she means to you; she deserves to know.

I could shower you with compliments all day long, just to hear thank you in your sweet voice.

While anyone can use this response, it’d always suit better to a girl who sings often and has a mellow tone to her voice – hearing it instantly puts people in a good mood. If this description matches your girl, go ahead with this response.

You should be thanking the Almighty for blessing you with such a pretty face!

A response to the compliment, which is very much a compliment; it might sound cheesy to some people, but if you’re feeling it, there’s no reason to keep it in your heart, is there?

Always a pleasure giving credit where credit is due 😉

Another sassy response that, if your girl isn’t too sensitive, will certainly reply to in swag. A must-use for all the witty guys out there.

A mere Thank you is not enough. You’d have to let me take you out on a coffee sometime.

Is a coffee date your idea of fun? Well, then why wait for an opportunity to knock at your door when you can swoop in an invite as a response to her thank you? Clever, isn’t it?

The bottom line

With the hope that we were able to best prepare you with an ideal response to a girl’s thank you followed by your compliment, we’re ready to wrap things up. Above, you’ll find a response that fits well in almost any imaginable situation.

Is there any instance in which you seek our help formulating the right response? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to help.

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