What to Say When Someone Says “So What”?

If there’s one thing everyone should know, it’s how to deal with other people. It’s a criminally underrated skill that few have the hindsight to learn. It’s important because, sooner or later, everyone reaches a point where they need to negotiate with someone. It’s also possible that they are being dealt with and unaware of it. Whether you’re in corporate or entrepreneurship, an introvert or an extrovert, poor or a trust fund baby: society will always play a large part in your life.

what to say when someone says so what

If you’re rich and someone plays you, you’ll be called a fool and exploited. If you’re poor, you’ll lose what little you have and never realize it, blaming it on luck instead.

People take advantage of others for a myriad of reasons like money, dominance, revenge, fun, habit, and even unconsciously. And while it’s not an everyday occurrence for most people, it can cause a lot of damage if you get played by smart people each time you meet one.

The best way to overcome this weakness is to become smart yourself. Question why, how, and what they stand to gain from anything they say or do, especially in reference to you. One important recurring thought that triggers this thought process is no one is going to do something good for you for no reason.

Besides long-term affecting circumstances, many people also like to bully others for no reason besides pleasure and because they simply can. If one person has played you in front of other mutual connections, you establish yourself as a submissive pushover.

This is why you must always have a clear head and appropriate replies to otherwise snarky remarks and condescending rhetorical questions. If you instead stay quiet or start laughing nervously to diffuse the tension, just know that you’ve lost a silent fight for dominance.

Today’s blog will discuss what you should respond with when asked, “So what”?

What to Say When Someone Says “So What”?

Let’s first discuss the most common context in which this statement is used and what it usually indicates.

“So what?” is used to convey an emotion of frustration, curiosity, and intimidation. For example, when people are frustrated, they often stop listening to reason. In those moments, when someone tries to make them face the future consequences, it’s natural to have this reaction, don’t you think?

Another context this phrase can be used is simple curiosity. While better ways exist to convey that feeling, it’s not uncommon for people to blurt it out.

Last but not least, people often say “so what” when they’re told they can’t do or have something or that the consequences won’t be good. The main reason behind this is to intimidate and assert dominance.

One of the scenarios where you might experience this is when you’re a professional at the task at hand, but an amateur tries to show you down.

In all three contexts, the most reasonable and non-conflict-inflicting response is the straight answer. So what if someone says or does something and the consequences are not very good? Well, a lot can often go wrong, and the best way to bring this person back into their little lane is to explain it all in detail.

However, if you’d rather have a snarky remark ready instead, we get that. Here are some templates you can apply to your situation in case you wish for this seemingly arrogant person to learn from experience rather than explanation.

So judging by your attitude, it looks like you’d rather find out yourself.

So listen to me instead of acting like a child.

So you’d rather act stupidly than listen to me? Surprisingly, not much of a shocker.

So I’m sorry, I’d rather not be in the blast zone when all the consequences of your actions erupt all around.

Wow, now that’s the true limit of ignorance. Didn’t know you had it in ya, but I guess you proved me wrong. Go off, then.

You know, that entitlement is exactly what brings people down.

You know what? Fu*k around and find out. Not my circus, not my monkey.

How could we have forgotten this evergreen classic?

You can use these response templates for the first and third contexts, where the speaker intentionally refuses to see reason. However, if the person expresses genuine curiosity, we don’t think any such templates are needed.

Another thing you could do when being faced with someone who’s expressing dominance is to walk away. We know it sounds like a weak move, but the truth is, it’ll have the opposite effect.

Letting the other person know they can rile you up is always disadvantageous. Even if their stubborn demeanor makes you lose your mind, have the strength to walk away and be the bigger person. Not only will this shut them up real quick, but it will also show bystanders that you’re above all this and are, therefore, the truly intimidating person.

Now, we aren’t asking you to walk away mindlessly; try saying something like

Okay you know what? I’m not indulging in this. Do what you want. [Your name], signing off.

(Smile) That’s exactly how patient I’m willing to be with someone who just doesn’t wanna listen. Peace out.

God, I’d never be willing to look that dumb just to prove a point. But I guess whatever floats your boat.

Are you always that impulsive, or is it the horrendous perfume you use that everyone clearly hates?

You can add many such things to say before walking away for maximum damage. It’ll sound even better to sneak in a phrase they often use.


At this blog’s end, we hope you’ve gotten the answer to your question.

When someone says “so what” to you, there are only so many reasons behind them saying it. Now, the tone and context are the two most important deciding factors: are they being a jerk, or are they curious?

A genuinely curious person has many ways to express themselves, and this one is the rudest sounding of them all. So, generally speaking, this is probably not what they’d go with. It’s highly probable that the speaker is trying to show you down or is extremely upset about something.

If that is indeed the case, don’t worry; we’ve got more than a few responses that’ll guarantee they won’t succeed on their petty mission. If you’ve got any suggestions, let us know in the comments!

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