What to Answer When a Girl Asks “What Kind of Girls Do You Like”?

The dating world has gone through several phases in the last few decades, all of them having pros and cons. From arranged marriages to online dating, there have been quite a few social reforms and changes in expectations. For example, once a common occurrence, the typical “high-school sweethearts” trope is slowly being eradicated. While this is quite a question of puzzlement for Gen X, it was never seen as a particularly lucrative life decision among the younger generations.

what to answer when a girl asks what kind of girls do you like

And if you think about it, the latter isn’t wrong. Marriage is supposed to be a big commitment; getting married straight out of high school is not a good choice, no matter how you twist it.

Admittedly, not all high schoolers are excessively juvenile, but they were back then. And even if we overlook this, shouldn’t everyone spend time meeting new people and exploring new places before settling down and committing?

Thankfully, this generation focuses more on college, career, money, and achievements. So, college students don’t want to waste time looking for people to form connections: Tinder and Bumble are their daily dose of checking out the dating pool. And while it seems to be working for the time being, few can tell what might happen tomorrow.

We’d suggest going with Tinder, but making sure chivalry isn’t dead. Tinder might get you the date, but you’re the one who has to do the charming, right?

If you’ve had girls interested in you before, one of them must’ve asked, “what kind of girl do you like?” It sounds like a simple question; it’s anything but. There are hundreds of hidden signs there, and trust us; if your answer is wrong, you’ll immediately know. To answer your question, yes, there is a right answer.

Today’s blog will help you decide exactly how you should respond when a girl asks, “what kind of girl do you like?”

What to Answer When a Girl Asks “What Kind of Girls Do You Like”?

If you’ve been asked this by someone you’re interested in for a potential relationship, congratulations; the feelings are mutual. Unless this is your girl best friend or a girl with a boyfriend, she’s interested in you.

But if she’s one of the former two, it means she’s trying to hook you up with one of her friends, which is also good for you! Firstly, let us explain why a girl who likes you will ask you this question; there are two answers.

If you have been talking a lot recently, especially late-night chats, she wants you to ask her out. When you start describing her, she’ll mention it, and you’ll have a window to make your move.

Secondly, in the same situation, she might ask this question to determine who she’s competing with. It looks like she doesn’t know if you like her, whereas, in the previous scenario, it was clear that both of you liked each other.

So, let’s discuss how you should respond when asked this by someone depending on your relationship with them and your intentions.

How to respond to “What kind of girls do you like” when you like them

If you like the girl who sent you this message, you should feel very happy. There are many indications that they like you in this question alone, including that they care about what you like.

At this crucial moment, there’s a lot of potential. You can either say the correct thing and secure a date with them or mess it up and never have a chance again. Thankfully, we’re here to ensure that the latter never happens. As long as you’ve read this blog, nothing stops you from getting what you want.

So, you’ve talked to them a lot, and they’re finally showing signs that they might be interested. When asked, “what kind of girls do you like,” there are many cheesy and witty answers to show that it has been them all along.

Here are a few templates you can use or modify for the perfect response:

Wow, one would think I’ve made it obvious. Anyway, it’s you, of course.

You. I don’t understand how someone as amazing as you are not everyone’s type.

Well, I thought I knew before I met you. Now it’s all very confusing, but it just feels right.

Wow, I guess I don’t really have a type ’cause I only like you, and there’s no one like you.

If these answers are way too direct for you, we understand. While we stand by the strategy of being simply straightforward and mature romantically, not everyone operates similarly.

So, one thing you could do is slowly list all their physical/personality traits, especially the ones that have come up before. This won’t only make them feel good, but it’ll also show your attention to the detail and level of effort.

Maybe start like this:

Well, I like girls who’re focused on their careers. Hygiene is a must, obviously; I don’t know about others, but clean freaks are a green flag for me. Also, girls who’re borderline excessively intelligent but weirdly obsessed with soap operas. Yep, that’s the one, the dream.

The best responses will be the ones filled with inside jokes and details of their lives they’ve mentioned in passing. Still, this is a highly effective template.

Tip: Avoid replying with an unattainable or excessively high personality or physical traits. If they feel your type is above their standard, they’ll feel insecure, and even without wanting to, they’ll distance themselves from you.

We know that’s not what you want, but even an unintentional mistake can cause irreparable damage. So, tread lightly, and don’t overstate anything. Your description should typically make them feel like a much better version of themselves rather than a carefree ’90s supermodel.

How to respond to “What kind of girls do you like” when you don’t like them

Next, let’s say this is someone you aren’t particularly interested in. Maybe they’re just not your type (pun very much intended), or maybe you have a girlfriend. It’s also possible that they’re playing with you. Or, they could be genuine but not someone you’d ever date because their personality is not one you could ever respect.

Whatever the reason is, we respect your decision. We’d suggest letting them down gently without using any outright negative indicators. Next up are a few strategies you could use.

That’s a very good question too good, in fact, to be answered. –A simple case of deflection. They’ll know you’re hesitant but not the reason behind it.

I don’t really have a type, honestly. But I’m one hundred percent sure I haven’t met them yet. –A rejection, but not harsh at all. And they have a great opportunity to respond similarly.

Beggars can’t be choosers, Marienne. You must not know how that feels, but I do. –Here, the trademark Gen Z self-deprecative humor comes into play. Not only are you downplaying yourself, but you’re also flattering them with the second statement.

Haha, good question. How about anyone with a pulse who isn’t repulsed by me? I’m not very picky, really. –Slippery slope, bordering on immature. But it’ll be enough to get them off your back for the time being.

I’m not really looking for someone right now, so I can’t say I observe girls enough to distinguish a type. –This shows you’re a mature person who doesn’t care for all these things. It’ll also send a clear signal not to pursue this line of questioning unprompted with you ever again.

I’m not into girls, actually. Yeah, I have a strange condition; I’m too much in love with myself to notice anyone else. Ahh, the agony of liking myself yet not liking me back! –Not only is this sucker punch funny, but it also makes it apparent that you’ll say just about anything to avoid this topic.

You already know how to reply when someone genuinely asks you this question without hidden motives. For your real friends, you can simply state your type and hope they can find someone for you.


Let us quickly rehash for you what we’ve discussed today.

A girl can only ask you, “what kind of girls do you like” for two reasons: she’s either interested in you or is trying to set you up. If it’s the former, she’ll either want to hear that she’s your type or wants to compete with whoever is.

You can directly tell them they’re your type or describe their beautiful features and traits until they know you’re talking about them. If you don’t like them, there are many subtle ways to make them aware of it instead of outright rejecting them.

If our blog has helped you, we’d love to hear about it in the comments. If there are any answers we’ve missed out or if you need help in a similar situation, we’re here to help you!

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