Best Reply for Thank You to a Girl (Thank You Reply to Girl)

What to Say When a Girl Says Thank You: Conversations: the only way we humans connect with each other. No matter what you might think is the most important thing in your life, if you have no one to talk about it with, it’s more or less meaningless.

what to reply when girl says thank you

From the inception of time, we, humans, have always relied on conversations for sharing our thoughts and ideas, conveying our feelings, and learning about the world. However, you have to agree that conversations don’t come naturally to everyone. Some of us are struggling more with our interpersonal skills than others and are often left dumbfounded.

For instance, if a girl says thank you to you, what would you say to her? You have only three seconds to respond and… you probably wasted those precious seconds worrying about the perfect response. Well, we’re here to make sure such a thing doesn’t repeat itself with you, and we come bearing some interesting solutions. Stick with us till the end to learn about what they are.

A girl saying Thank you: What to expect?

It is no secret that, on average, girls say thank you more often than boys. Now, before you start looking at it from a sexist angle, give us a chance to explain. Being the fairer sex, girls are also complimented more often, which is why they receive more opportunities of saying thank you. We can go on to address other reasons behind it, too, but let’s not get carried away.

After all, we’re here to discuss the responses to girls saying thank you, and not debate on why they say it more. So, suppose a girl thanked you for something. You have three choices now: you can either simply dismiss it with a smile, change the subject, or address their thank you properly.

And if you care about what this particular girl thinks of you, or are trying to get closer to them, the third choice is your best bet. But how would you know how to address a thank you properly? Going with a generic response like welcome isn’t going to be as impactful as you’d think. You want them to notice your effort, don’t you?

Don’t worry; we’re here with a solution. We don’t want you scratching your head over a perfect response to thank you; surely, you have better things to worry about. Keep reading to find out how we intend to help you with your problem.

Best Reply for Thank You to a Girl (Thanks Reply to Girl)

While you bother yourself with the crucial problems of your life, we’re here to take care of trivial problems like finding an appropriate response for a girl thanking you. Below, we’ve curated a list of responses that you could use, along with their explanations to make your choice easier. Check these out!

“You’re most welcome.”

If you want this girl to know that you put in effort, but not too much effort, switch your mundane welcome with you’re most welcome. The most we’ve added in here puts more emphasis on how pleased you are about her thanking you. On the other hand, it will also sound polite to a girl you’re not very close with. Win-win!


A sweet, simple response that doesn’t scream eager but is a modest way of telling the girl that helping her has been no trouble for you at all. Additionally, it also tells her that the next time she needs help with something, she can ask you for it without hesitation. Just make sure you use this response with the right smile, and the job is done.

“It was no big deal.” 

This response is only reserved for situations where you’ve actually done this girl a substantial favor. And when she thanks you for it, you reply with an ironic it was no big deal. Wondering why the irony? It is because your act of dismissal of a favor that was actually a big deal will only show her that you’re the bigger person here. Your dismissal here also indicates your unwillingness to take credit, which is another quality girls appreciate in men.

So, the next time you help a girl in grave need and respond with it’s no big deal when she thanks you for it, know that you’ve emerged from it as a hero.

“No problem at all.”

Save this response for when a girl is thanking you vigorously, and it’s clear to you that she feels guilty for whatever favor you’ve done her. Such a thing usually happens when you go out of your way to help someone. 

But do you want this girl to feel indebted to you? Well, perhaps, but if you can see how much they’re struggling with it, it’s important to first put them at ease.

No problem at all does that for you. It tells the next person that there’s no need to worry too much about it, and that you’d have done it for anyone, even if that might not be the truth. Remember, the objective here is to make them feel good about the whole thing, and not guilty.

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