Best Replies to “What’s Good”

“What’s good?”- This phrase has probably attracted your attention among the multiple colorful English slang used today. After all, it has been embedded in everyday English speech, much like the soothing ritual of your morning tea. But this seemingly straightforward two-word inquiry conceals a complete dilemma! Deep down, we agree that it’s a form of informal greeting that people have been using for a while.

best replies to what’s good

Rather than opting for How are you today, we swapped (and condensed) things to be more relaxed. This expression is frequently used among friends, but it goes further than that! We’ve decided to look into the different situations in which this versatile greeting is used and how we should respond to them.

So, are you up for finessing your response to this typical question? Let’s jump right in because it’s time to master the art of confidently responding to “What’s good?”.

Best Replies to “What’s Good”

We casually meet people with informal pleasantries, and the phrase “what’s good” has unavoidably evolved into a go-to conversation starter. It’s often used to keep interactions informal and light.

But how exactly are you expected to respond to this question so that the conversation proceeds without a hitch? We will address this with examples in diverse circumstances to capture your full attention.

Family members and relatives

When discussing slang, we often leave family members out since communications can be formal, with slang used sparingly. However, nowadays, it’s not unusual for family members to use slang while talking to one another.

You’ll see the slang used more with close-knit family relationships. We have prepared responses for you so that you won’t have to be at a loss for words when a family member asks what’s good!

Here are a few responses to kickstart your conversation:

1. Nothing much, how about you?

2. Hey, (sibling)! I’m good; just swamped with work and some exciting side projects.

3. Just the usual, how’s everything on your end?

4. Well, the regular chaos! How’s life treating you?

5. Heck, I’ve been better, but yeah!

Casual friends

Your casual friends often use What’s Good to greet you or initiate conversations. It’s more of a relaxed way to check in on you and catch up on each other’s lives. Thus, your responses are often natural, so you don’t need to dig around in your mind for ideas.

Here are a few responses to kickstart your conversation:

1. Hey, I’m up for anything tonight. Do you have anything in mind?

2. Same old! What’s up with you nowadays?

3. Kind of trying to survive the daily grind? What’s up with you lately?

4. On my way to chill out with some friends; like to join?

5. Can’t complain! You’re still up for the plan later, right?

Best mates

We don’t think much about how often we use slang around our closest friends, right? Well, we have a close and comfortable relationship, and that’s how these relationships are meant to be. Usually, “What’s good?” is part of your usual banter or communication style, so your responses are not forced at all.

Here are a few responses to kickstart your conversation:

1. Just chillin’, how ya doin’?

2. You understand how it is! What’s going well for you?

3. Just finished watching the movie you recommended earlier. Wanna discuss?

4. Nothing much going on lately!

5. You up for hitting that new pizza place we saw earlier?


Well, partners using slang like What’s good is not a surprise occurrence, at least not anymore. We may nonetheless state that it frequently depends on the dynamics you share with your significant other.

If your interactions with them are casual, you may find this slang quite appropriate and even endearing.

Here are a few responses to kickstart your conversation:

1. Us! Have you got anything fun planned for today, love?

2. Well, for starters, you look good for real today!

3. Duh, tell me about the latest scoop from your reunion yesterday!

4. Hey, you! What’s good with you, darlin’?

5. Lots! I’d rather we chill and talk about it.

People from your professional circle

Have you ever tested using slang with your office colleagues? Perhaps it’s a close colleague or the one you just give a simple nod to on a daily basis. If you have any experience working, you know that phrases like “What’s good” might be tricky.

Of course, you can use it, but you might have to be more careful compared to other relationships we’ve discussed. We believe it’s better to consider your workplace environment and the nature of your relationship with that person before forming an apt reply.

Here are a few responses to kickstart your conversation:

1. Hello, everything’s good. How have you been?

2. Work’s keeping me busy; I didn’t see you at the cafeteria today.

3. Thanks for asking! How is your current workload?

4. Getting ready for this upcoming presentation. Attending the event?

5. Making an effort to avoid conflict with the team leader? I think I’ve been doing pretty well so far!

Acquaintances and strangers

Let’s talk about how to answer when a friend or a close stranger asks what’s good. We decided to create this section since it can be uncommon to receive a question of this nature from people we’re not really talking to on a daily basis!

And well, we wouldn’t want you to frequently stumble and stammer when replying. However, it’s not unusual for individuals to use this slang more frequently these days, especially with people we hardly know.

Here are some replies to help you start talking:

1. Hello there! What’s been great recently in your world?

2. Simply trying to enjoy this weekend to the fullest. What are you up to here?

3. How can I help you?

4. Everything’s great. How’s the day treating you?

5. What do you mean?

More responses:

You see, we formed our replies based on different relationships, isn’t it? We’ll talk about some typical responses you might try based on your mood.

You may ask them a question and learn about their lives, or you can keep it lighthearted and funny while expressing your wish to meet them. These ten responses serve as a guide to help you formulate a thoughtful response without appearing awkward.

Here is a list you might use as inspiration:

  1. As usual, just laying and doing nothing! Lol. Inform me of yourself.
  2. Daydreaming. Do you have any enjoyable thoughts?
  3. Moonwalking through life, yep!

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