How to Respond to What Are You Doing (Best Reply to What Are You Doing)

We answer hundreds of questions every day in our lives. What we don’t do is pay attention to most of our answers, which leads to poor conversational skills when we do pay attention. Socializing isn’t difficult; man is a social animal and has been one ever since he learned how to talk. Most of the time, people genuinely want to listen to what you’re saying because connecting with others like us is a primal need in humans.

how to respond to what are you doing

Everyone likes a person who’s smooth with words and can keep the conversation seem effortless. All you need to do is speak calmly and precisely, which will keep them coming back for more. We’re telling you that not only can you be that person by the end of this blog, but it’ll also feel comforting and like second nature to you.

The two most important factors to be taken under consideration when responding to a question are your relationship with the person asking and the reason behind them asking the question. Why are they asking you the question; do they need your help with something, or do they want to catch up with you? Are they close to you, or are they someone you won’t mind brushing off?

Read on till the end of today’s blog to learn all there is to know about how to respond to the question, what are you doing, and much more.

How to Respond to What Are You Doing (Best Reply to What Are You Doing)

When Someone from Your Workplace Ask “What Are You Doing”

When someone you work with asks you what you are doing, it’s probably something work-related. They might need your help with something or want to pawn off some of their work to you.

You can decide whether you want to be available or not based on your relationship with them. Do you trust them enough to know you won’t be stuck with extra work?

They might even be calling you to see if you’d like to get a drink with them. Keep in mind that they could also ask about going out with a group of people after work. It’s best to always have an excuse to weasel out of these things before being asked if you don’t like to get involved in such get-togethers.

Here are a few of the most efficient, loophole-free responses when you’re asked what are you doing by a co-worker.

“I’m hanging out with my partner/girlfriend/wife; they’re already mad that I don’t spend enough time with them because of work. What about you?”

This response is polite, yet it communicates the clear message that you’re not available for more chatting or anything else at that moment.

“I’m actually catching up with my household chores; I’ve been putting off laundry for a week now, can you believe that? What are you up to?”

This response showcases a more carefree, ready-to-hang-out side of you. Only use this response when you’re ready for whatever they’re about to say next.

When Your Close Friends/Family Members Ask “What Are You Doing”

If your family or friends are asking you what you are doing, there are many responses you can give, depending on your relationship with them. They might be your best friend or favorite cousin with whom you love hanging out with or that one sweet uncle that you never seem to be able to say no to.

We assume that you genuinely want to talk to your close family and friends, so these are some witty responses you can use:

“Just thinking about how we’re sitting on this lonely rock in the universe, floating aimlessly until we get sucked inside a black hole. How’s your weekend, Jimmy?”

“I was thinking of going shopping this weekend, if you’re free.”

“I’m shopping for the dinner I’m hosting tonight; I hope you remember, or it’ll be only the sixth time that you’ve forgotten about it.”

All of these responses are funny and appropriate to be used in front of your family and friends, so don’t hold back!

When Your Crush/Partner Asks You What Are You Doing

What do you reply when your crush or partner asks you what you’re doing? If you reply with generic answers like eating or watching TV, get ready to spice up your game.

Sometimes, when you’re not in the middle of something, you can send something mildly flirtatious to the one you’re romantically interested in. Not only will this put you in their sights, but it’s also a display of confidence.

However, be very careful not to overdo it. There is a very thin line between confident and creepy, and we don’t want you to end up on the creep side. Don’t worry; there’s a straightforward way to learn if they’re immune to your advances or interested in you.

Here are some flirtatious responses to what are you doing:

“I was just finishing up on homework. Is yours done?”

If you’re just checking the depth, this is a perfect conversation starter for you as long as you’re in school, of course. Even if they’ve already done their homework, you can always discuss it.

“I’m watching Money Heist. Have you seen it yet?” This is another amazing conversation-striker. Most Millennials and Gen Z like to stay on top of the trends, and web series are an essential part of pop culture. So, even if they haven’t seen Money Heist, you can always pick up some other series to talk about.

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