Best Comments for Girls Pic on Instagram – 200 Compliments for Girls

Making someone feel special is an art, when it comes to expressing your feelings towards a girl on Instagram or Facebook, is the best way to interact with your special one.

You have to be smart and think a little different from others. Because when you grow the seeds of love from the core of your heart, only then you achieve the blossoms of love and romance.

best comments for girls

Do not expect that she will come to you the way you want. For that, you have to know about her behavior, feelings, and expectations from you.

To follow someone, sometimes a direct approach is very useful to give a compliment like:- you are beautiful, you have impressive eyes, you smile to wins thousands of hearts, etc.

But now the question is how to compliment girls pics on Instagram like a pro. Here are described some ways to compliment and follow a girl on Instagram effectively.

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Best Comments For Girls

If a girl is posting her adorable pic with her beauty then you can give the compliment like:

  • Stop being so perfect.
  • Wow, you look beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
  • Million dollar smile! ✨❤️
  • Damnn. Those eyes are like pearls
  • How are you always so perfect??
  • I think this is the best I’ve seen in a long time
  • Is this real or what? I guess this is how angels look ❤❤❤
  • I think it’s booty-full ❣️
  • You’re Stunning!✨❤️
  • Your presence enhanced the beauty of the place
  • I am so jelly, so unreal!
  • You are looking so gorgeous lady
  • You are gorgeous
  • I love your eyes
  • You have amazing cheekbones
  • I love how beautiful you look when you sleep
  • You have a really great sense of fashion
  • You are lovely
  • I love how curly your hair is
  • You really know how to dress well
  • You are the sweetest
  • I love how straight your hair is
  • You do not need makeup. You are already so naturally beautiful
  • I love how comfortable you are in your own body
  • You are adorable
  • You look even more beautiful without makeup
  • I feel so happy here with you
  • You are really cute
  • You are my safe place
  • You are adorable
  • You are intoxicating
  • You are such a natural beauty
  • You look mesmerizing
  • I wish I had your hair
  • You look stunning in that dress
best comments for girls
  • You are gorgeous
  • You have the most beautiful, radiant eyes
  • You have the most beautiful smile
  • Your sense of fashion is amazing
  • I like your hair
  • You are so good with makeup. It looks amazing
  • I love your curves
  • You look prettier than a picture
  • You are alluring
  • You look dazzling
  • You are attractive
  • You are elegant
  • You are very fashionable
  • You are breathtaking
  • You are very fit
  • You are beautiful

It will make her feel special and make her feel comfortable interacting with you, and after that you can take the talks further and someday you can even name your relationship.

Beautiful Comments for Girls

Once you really like her pics on Instagram and are following her to grab her attention, you can post the comments like

  • Cuteness overloaded
  • Perfect click
  • Beauty has no explanation
  • Beauty beyond the sky
  • As pretty as a picture
  • Arresting in beauty
  • This looks so beautiful
  • Impressive picture
  • Fantastically awesome
  • You look strong and confiden
  • I wish I could like this twic
  • Your beauty has no boundaries
  • I may be perfect but she is still better
  • This picture made my day
  • Beauty that cannot be measured in megapixels
  • This girl is mine
  • The reason why I smile
  • That face though
  • Hello sunshine ☀️
  • This picture is lit!!
best comments for girls
  • That’s hot enough to beat the winters
  • Babe this look is everything omg
  • Perfect location for a beautiful shot you’re killing it
  • Totally contemporary & aesthetic look
  • That outfit and the person wearing it can outshine anyone
  • Damn in love with your dress
  • You look super cute!!
  • My heart just skipped a beat after watching this
  • Good shoot✔️✔️✔️✔️
  • Soo pretty
  • Your beauty is irresistible!!
  • An absolute example of perfect beauty❤❤❤
  • Those eyes mean the world to me
  • You are definitely a glorious mess
  • Awesome pic
  • I can’t get my eyes of this pic
  • Classy shot looks so beautiful
  • You look so cool
  • Awesome, cute❤️❤️❤️
  • Cuteness overloaded!
  • Classy shot and awesome background too
  • How do you manage to look so gorgeous every time?
  • Can’t scroll…
  • You really look gorgeous in this one

Want to particularized a thing

If you like a particular thing in her pic and you really want to mention in the comment, you can comment like:

  • Eyes like pearls
  • Beauty on earth
  • Awesome smile
  • Loose hairs look sensual
  • You’ve got a sexy personality
  • Be your own kind of beautiful
  • You’re a gem
  • Beauty is power; a smile is its sword
  • You’re the better part of me
  • I’ll always have your back
  • This one is awsm
  • I miss your smile
  • Love this look on you!
  • Your mind is just as sexy as your beauty
  • Create your own happiness
  • You’re too pretty
  • You have my heart
  • This looks so beautiful
  • I love talking to you
  • Totally the inspiration I needed in my life
  • You look super cute!
  • I won the jackpot with you
  • Beauty is just a word, you justify better
  • I just love how you carry every look…
  • Looking beautiful and love your outfit gorgeous
  • I’m in awe of your beauty
  • You deserve the most beautiful things
  • All time favorite
  • You’re an amazing friend
  • I love every inch of you— even your toes

After knowing her you can complement to impress her which can take you one step ahead.

Leave Comment on her Dressing

You look fantabulous, like the way you dress, you dressed so nicely, attire suits you, you look pretty all the time make her feel rejuvenating and she will definitely notice that you are following her each and every post.

Comment to impress in a mature way

Apart from the beauty, you can comment here in another way if she is quite mature, like- you look so energetic, you always look positive, spreading positive vibes by your pic, positive persons are rare- beauty is common, love the positive soul, pure spirit, divine. Act like a gentleman to impress her and she will be all yours. Being chivalrous is always better than being ill-mannered.

Comment in a romantic way to attract

After seeing the sensational pic on Instagram of your liking, if you cannot post some romantic comment you can use some particular words to express your feelings like- pic is breathtaking, you look fantastic, dazzling beauty, you look sensational, can’t stop myelf from saying sexy, wondrous chic, sexually attractive, look stunning.

You can also make her feel special by posting comments saying what place does she have in your life, what she means to you, how you respect her thoughts. You can use the below mentioned beautiful one-liners to impress her:

  • When it is raining in my life you are my only sunshine
  • Your smile is a stressbuster which makes my day
  • All the colors fade at the front of your beauty
  • You look fabulous and stunning in this attire. This was made for you
  • My only wish to see the cherish on your face every day
  • My day starts with your smile
  • You are the reason for my happiness. Never be sad
  • I want to hold this hand forever
  • I will never leave you
  • You complete me
  • You are my desire
  • You look delightful
  • When God made you he would be free
  • The way you carry the confidence looks fantastic on you
  • I want to be with you till my last breath
  • You are my lifeline
  • Oh god! I can’t explain your beauty in words
  • You are a blessing of God
  • Love the way you lie. (if you know her)
  • You are elegant and decent
  • Love the way you dressed up
  • I see my whole world in you
  • Want to go for a date. can’t wait
  • You are so lovable

One can put thousands of comments to attract someone in a decent way, but you should never put vulgar and inappropriate comments on anyone’s picture. You have to follow her posts regularly to know more about her likes, dislikes and much more. Initially, you have to go slow and then gradually decide to move further after watching her reactions and reverts on social media. Put the comment on her picture according to the situation.

To wrap it up

Instagram and Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms where you can get a partner according to your preference. However, you have to choose wisely and be very particular before leaving a comment that will clear your good intentions.

Social media is a platform to choose the right partner but you need to be extra careful while choosing one as there are a lot of fake profiles present there too. Your compliments should be outstanding to make someone feel special. It is all about sharing the feeling with each other.

Your comment reflects before a girl what kind of a person you are. You have to be careful while you are commenting on someone’s photo; as wrong comments might affect your image as well as land you in legal trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I comment on a girl picture?

You can put your best comment as per your need. But always keep in mind don’t be vulgar and never put a bad comment on girl photos.

What are the best comments for a girls picture?

After seeing the beautiful girl pic on Instagram you can use some particular words to express your feelings like pic is breathtaking, you look fantastic, dazzling beauty, you look sensational, look stunning.

Which comments do girls like the most?

There are lots of comments do girls like most such as cuteness overloaded, perfect click, beauty has no explanation, beauty beyond the sky, as pretty as a picture, impressive picture.

How do you compliment girls pic on instagram?

Complimenting someone is an easy and straightforward way to show someone that you’re interested. Of course, not all compliments are the same. If you want to find your way into her heart you have to use best compliments for a girl.

Which comments are best for a girl’s photo on Facebook?

Some of the best comments are an impressive picture, simply elegant, your beauty is irresistible!!, this picture is lit!!, you look energetic, you look strong and confident.