100 Best Answers to the Question “Why Are You so Beautiful?”

Beautiful is a sign of being praised by someone lovably. The other abbreviations are cute; pretty that gives you positive credit. Accept the compliments graciously that can create more chances to be complimented again.

answers to why are you so beautiful

Everyone struggles or becomes shy to answer the compliment “you are beautiful”. If it comes from a stranger you can answer with a simple “thank you”. If the compliment comes from a relative or friend, find a suitable response to the moment. If nothing comes to mind at the instance, smile back and respond.

A compliment, which is addressed to us, changes our mood immediately and increases our self-esteem. The truth of our reaction doesn’t depend much on the content of the compliment but the tone of the compliment.

If a guy says that you are beautiful, it gives a touch on personality. If you don’t know someone you can respond with “I’m glad that you think for me in that way”. If you have the idea about their feelings and if you have the same feelings you can say in a pleased manner as “it runs in the family”.

On the contrary, pretty and beautiful shares the same plate but not the same intensity. They are used interchangeably. Pretty is mostly concerned with compliments that are based on your wearing, hairstyle or walking style. If you don’t want to use the same old “thanks” you can also use “thanks for compliments”.

Best Answers to “Why Are You so Beautiful?”


This word is safest to use. It is also a formal word that you use for your boss, colleague, or a total stranger. This word is used to someone whose motive you don’t know. You might also be anxious to ask what the thinking of a person is. Let go of it and mind your business. If your mind, it means that you are disagreeing with the compliments.

I know

This word is completely rude and worse than being formal. Ohh yes; if you want to use this word, you can use it to your irritating ex, annoying colleague or threatening neighbour. It’s a tip not to use it instead use it with a smile.

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