100 Best Answers to “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”

This question is normally asked while taking interviews for the candidates. The answers are probably from everyone. This is an informal question, that all the applicants think it to answer in their way but becomes the same at the end. The topics are prepared for your interview but the right answer is steered precisely from the topics. Sometimes the answer is different from others but that doesn’t mean that you will pass the interview.

tell me something i don’t know

This question questions your creativity and inspires others. It defines something interesting about you and passes from the pressure cooker situation of an interview. The people who are having the capacity of pulling together relevant information from outside my business. This question demonstrates your intellect and widely reads your ability to see new opportunities as you have a very wide view to see the world.

Mostly the hiring managers are engaged in detailing the day-to-day allotment of jobs. You should share such lines that share much interest in hiring managers towards you.

Tips to Answer the Question “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”

Everyone knows how they are, the thing is how they elaborate it. How strong a candidate might be while giving an interview or how much confidence he might be, he will lack in answering a question about some lines to tell about him/herself, as he thinks every interview answer should be different from others.

Don’t panic and keep your mind at peace, it is not going to help, seriously! Be calm and take a few deep breaths. Make your mind at rest or everything will be rushed and you will run out of words. They don’t want a history when they ask, “Tell me something I don’t know”; they want a short and point-to-point answer.

The interviewer wants to know what is different in each candidate. Each interviewer’s mind is not the same. Little hints during the interview lead you to give a better answer than they wish to know from you. Some possible tips have also been enlisted which points it forward about the answer to the question about “Tell me something I don’t know”.

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