150 Best Answers to “What’s Up”

One of the English phrases usually used by people all around the world who speak English is “What’s Up”. This phrase “What’s up” is used as a greeting or for acknowledgment, it is a question that shows mutual respect or empathy to the person whom you meet. The response to What’s Up depends on the situation time and how you are feeling.

answers to what's up

Sometimes response also depends upon the person who said it whether it is a friend, relative, stranger, boss, or co-worker. Well, you should not get confused about the reply. There are many responses or replies you can give to different people whom you meet according to your circumstances. 

Here there are some replies mentioned below which you can use while replying to the question “What’s up”

1. “My Blood Pressure!”

Well, this is sometimes cheeky, using this way or replying to the question what’s up is best if you are getting up there when you are meeting your friends of the same age or the close ones. 

If you intend to start a long conversation with your friends, when you say something like this, your friend will be inclined to ask what you mean, which is likely going to start a long conversation.

By using this reply you are making light of your situation and you’re even bringing attention to your medical issue. This can be used if you don’t have such high blood pressure disease as well because it makes you understand that you are going through a stressful situation.   

2. “Same Old, Same Old”

This is a freaky and good thing to reply if there is nothing new happening around you or if you are not up to anything new since you saw your friend since the last time. It is also proper to respond to use if you have a problem, and your friend is trying to get an update over your situation even though nothing has changed or improved. 

3. “Ah, Can’t Complain”

You can use this reply to your friend when there is nothing new or good to tell. It says to your friend that things are pretty neutral at the moment. 

This response can also be used when the situation is not under your control. When you can’t do anything it all depends on the third person, in a situation like you wish to change that situation or that particular thing but you cannot change it as you don’t have any control over it except accepting the situation as it is.

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