150+ Best Answers to “What’s Up”

Hey, are you looking for the best answers to “What’s Up” then you came to the right place. Here you can find 150+ formal and creative answers to the question “What’s Up”.

answers to what's up

Best Answers to “What’s Up”

  • So far so good!
  • Great. How are you?
  • Living the dream.
  • Nothing really. What about you?
  • Don’t know, just got here myself!
  • My stress
  • Just hanging there.
  • Counting the hours before the weekends.
  • Good. How about you?
  • Not so good.
  • Just the same old thing.
  • All good, and you?
  • Busy, as always. How about you?
  • Nothing much!
  • Nothing special.
  • I’m doing as well as can be!
  • I’m busy with this task; let’s talk later.
  • Everything is A Ok!
  • I’m ok. Could be better.
  • Busy with a new project these days.
  • Shit, you know!
  • You know!
  • Not much, you?
  • We’re gonna find out soon enough!
  • Still the same!
  • Very good! Everyone is good!
  • I’m good!
  • Good! No tears, nothing broken!” (tears as in clothing)
  • Livin’ the dream!
  • I’m great! Thanks!
  • Nothing much. I’m just preparing my shopping list.
  • All sorts of stuff, have you heard that I’m promoted?
  • Great. And you?
  • The opposite of down.
  • I am hanging in there; it’s been a busy week.
  • Just chilling.
  • Living the dream.
  • The price of gas.
  • My anxiety levels.
  • Oh you know… same soup just reheated.
  • My pants. Want to do something about that?
  • If I told you, would you sit on it?
  • I’m busy, but do you want me to add you to my to-do list?
  • Nothin’ but the rent.
  • Honestly, I wasn’t feeling good. Well, not until you spoke to me.
  • Thanks, you too.
  • Waasaaaaaaaaapp!
  • Sure ain’t my pay.
  • My blood pressure.
  • Awww…did you miss me?
  • I’m so bored! Wanna go on an adventure?
  • I have a boyfriend.
  • Why, what did you hear?
  • Childhood obesity in America.
  • The opposite of “down”.
  • My serotonin levels after seeing you my friend.

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