How to Answer When Girl Ask “Tell Me Something Interesting About You”

Every single person is being much impressed when a girl asks him something about himself. He becomes the person on the seventh cloud and finds such an answer that a girl becomes his fan. Some interesting things should be related to your hobbies, but don’t use cheesy lines like dancing, painting and singing. 80% of girls are getting no more interested in such answers.

tell me something interesting about you

Some interesting answers should be as if I like watching stars via binoculars or running in rain etc that makes you interested while talking. Catch such lines that a girl needs to know and finds in every man. Although girls say that they like Casanova, kind of a guy or someone who are interested in households and cooking; however, according to a survey ¾ of girls only like a man who indulges in something worth doing, who does a passionate job or a tycoon.

It is cool to be a social person and easy going human but remember to be admired by the opposite one. Don’t ever answer on a first date that you love playing video games and doing childish things; girls are always dicey by mind, they will never prefer an immature guy. Well, I’m not starting at all that playing games and doing childish things is immature but when it comes to a girl choosing a life partner, she will always think of a man with wisdom.

They don’t want to know whether you are a fan of Barbie or Montana in dolls or like cartoons like Simba or Tom & Jerry, or any adventure trips during vacations.

All they want to see is how interested you are in answering questions and facing them. The moment they hear such answers like singing, dancing and the rest of the suggested; they feel like you have rehearsed the answer.

Sometimes, you are unable to answer as you are not much of a talkative person or are always lacking in communication. However, be a personality that girls get interested in.

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