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Although family connections unite you, you are bonded with your sister forever by choice. Having her in your life provides you with a lifelong closest friend to confide in, regardless of her age. She will always be prepared to give you a pass, even if you offend her since she fiercely loves and supports you. 

comments for sister

And, if you are both on social media, your connection inevitably crosses your actual relationships to your online life as well. So, nobody needs to know if you are expected to like each other’s Instagram pictures. It is your special secret, right? 

Therefore, you have the right to contact her blatantly, asking her to double-tap your picture on Instagram and leave a pleasant comment. But the commenting goes both ways because if she posts a picture, you just have to be there too, isn’t it? It is your job as her sister to bring up your comment game by coming up with the craziest and most imaginative comments for her. 

You would always want to make sure that your comments should draw her and everyone else’s eye. So, whether it is a beautiful click of your sister while she was away traveling with her friends or just a hilarious one with her making the most annoying face imaginable, you have to comment there. 

It is the perfect time to show how sincere your connection with her is and how easygoing you are. So, are you prepared to leave your sisters’ Instagram photos with the funniest, cutest, and sweetest comments? We are pleased to provide you with thoughtful comments for each of her photos, which may make her happy or make her giggle out loud.

Comment on Sister Pic

  • Thank you for being there. I enjoy being your little sister
  • Selfie game going strong, sis
  • My backup for life
  • So lucky to have you
  • We are a team
  • Looking magical in that dress
  • You’ve grown so gracefully, little one
  • Through thick and thin
  • You carry yourself so well
  • I wish I was half as smart as you are
  • You make me so proud
  • A confident lady right here
  • I’m so obsessed with you
  • Big sister energy
  • My boss baby
  • You’ve got this, babe
  • I’ve always got your back

Comments for Sister Pic on Instagram

  • You’ve got a million-dollar smile, pretty
  • Such a natural beauty
  • Perfection personified
  • You look mesmerizing
  • Picture perfect
  • Such a beaut
  • Pictures don’t do justice to your beauty
  • You look absolutely stunning
  • I cannot keep my eyes off of you
  • Home is boring without you, come back soon
  • Hey, sis, you look fine
  • Little princess
  • Much sass?
  • Double trouble
  • Ohh, my little showstopper
  • My partner in crime
  • You mean so much to me

Best Comment for Sister Pic on Instagram

  • How are you so pretty?
  • Dazzling smile
  • A heart for my heart
  • Hello, my special one
  • You live inside my heart, and I love you
  • You look so cute, send me the picture
  • Hey, my human diary
  • My happy place
  • Ok, sis!
  • Drop-dead gorgeous
  • Happiness looks so good on you
  • My everything
  • Wear that smile more often
  • Go, my little rockstar
  • My tribe

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