214 Best Comments for Sister Pic on Instagram

Sisters are perfect partners in crime, for the wardrobe or just doing windows shopping. No one loves you wholeheartedly than your sister. How many fights you both do; at the end of the day, your sister would be the one to hug you tightly on the bed to sleep.

comments for sister

Along with being a best friend, she is your favorite person to take photos of. However; the time you are not around taking her photos, your thumbs are busy somewhere typing comments on her Instagram and Facebook posts.

You can show some love by unique comments as no one has time to read a novel in their Instagram comments. Make the comments, short, sweet and point-to-point. You can even use some hashtags.

Sometimes, it’s much harder to write when you have so much on your mind. Being an elder sister, you know how much your sister looks up to you. Your comment should be one in a million.

Guide to Comment on Sister Pic on Instagram

1. For the Amazing Selfies

Try to make comments such as “are you thinking of setting Instagram on fire?” It will make her more confident in her look. When you post some pic and she re-shares the photo, you can comment as “the Instagram is slain by the gorgeous” or as “I knew the Instagram is slain by good genes, but this picture gives a surety of it”.

If she posts some photos in some t-shirts and lowers or messy winter wears, you can comment as “My Lil sissy is serving best in all the looks”. When she posts regular selfies in any mood, you can comment as “I think every time on the post; this might be the most attractive photo but then you post another one”.

2. For Every OOTD Pic

The most famous internet abbreviation viral this day is OOTD- Outfit of the Day. This hashtag is the most commonly used these days making it a sensation for any outfit a fashion statement. Usually, your sister shares their wardrobe but what if your sister hadn’t shown you her recent shopping. You can comment as “I’m going to wear this outfit from your closet whenever you are not around”.

When you and your sister are married or live in a distant place due to a job or any other relevant reason and meanwhile if she posts, you can comment as “We need to go shopping ASAP”. When she posts in a most astonishing festive attire, you can comment as “Introducing the most stylish member of the family”. When you love the way she had done her makeover in some salon, you can comment as “I will surely copy this look as it has set fire”. When she posts in some college-going look, your answer must be “I can’t get over how sweet you look but I love this outfit”.

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