What to Answer When a Girl Asks “What Do You See in Me”?

Relationships are, for some people, an important aspect of their life. It could be about having someone to support you unconditionally or just about the beauty of it all, choosing someone to love. We could go on and on about what people find attractive about relationships, but that doesn’t matter. What’s actually of consequence here is how people choose who to start a relationship with and what they want to do to achieve that.

what to answer when a girl asks what do you see in me

Since relationships generally have a high failure rate among teens and young adults, this generation has decided it’s best to skip them altogether. People want and are simultaneously trying to avoid relationships. However, everyone knows deep down that they want it, which makes it all painful anyway.

Our advice would be to take one chance on someone you like and see where it goes. Be positive and weigh the pros and cons from your mindset objectively for this to be a successful and productive activity.

So, how do you get there? First, you must find someone you want to stick it out with. Finding them can take a lot of time, but if you don’t want to get hurt unnecessarily, it’s best to wait for them. You could be proactive by socializing and signing up on dating sites, but you might end up even more disappointed when you don’t find them.

Next, you try to connect, or as kids today say, vibe with them. It’s generally effortless with someone you’re meant to be. When you finally start dating them, it will be scary to know that even a small misstep from your or their side could end this bundle of joy you’ve found. But that’s how you know if it’s worth it, right?

So, to “vibe” with someone, you must know the answer to “what do you see in me?”. Don’t worry if you get stumped there because we can help you!

What to Answer When a Girl Asks “What Do You See in Me”?

If you think about it, what does a girl want to hear when she asks, “what do you see in me?” There are only two answers: it’s a test to see what you’re after, or she’s insecure and wants to know why you like her.

In both scenarios, a perfect reply will make their day. But if you slip up or don’t think well before you answer, you might ruin whatever relationship you have. So, the trick is to be careful and gauge from their demeanor what they want to hear.

In general, the straightforward answer to this question is whatever quality in them attracted you in the first place. Even in platonic relationships, we are always pulled towards people due to some special quality we see in them. Just say what it is and watch them smile and blush.

How to respond when a girl asks “what do you see in me” while she’s upset

If you’ve ever heard that girls are emotional, it’s a true statement. There’s nothing sexist or misogynistic about it; that’s just how it is. Women are oftentimes inclined to act according to how they feel rather than going with what they know is the correct course of action.

This does not mean women are impulsive and bad decision-makers: it’s their lives to do as they wish. You won’t spot a woman making an emotional decision in professional settings. Women are always more emotional towards their personally nurtured and chosen relationships, which is not that unreasonable.

So, let’s say that this friend of yours seems particularly upset when they ask you to think about the question. Now, it’s integral that you don’t hesitate or think too much about your answer. It’ll make it seem like you need to rack your brains for an answer, which means they haven’t given you enough for you to like them.

But don’t reply immediately, or it’ll feel fake and rehearsed. The trick is to look into their eyes for a maximum of three seconds while you can formulate an answer, then say it firmly yet softly. Trust us; this is the best way to make them instantly feel better.

Here are some templates that might be of use to you in this situation:

If I try to list them all right now, it’ll take me forever to do so. There aren’t enough languages or words to describe all the potential and all the life I see in you. From your sheepish wink when you’re being clumsy to the absolute joy when you see ice cream, all of it drives me crazy.

I love how you start passive-aggressively cleaning up the house when I accidentally throw a packet of chips in the house. I cannot get enough of your witty quips in public places where you know I can’t afford to laugh. Your cheeky remarks and sharp wit always make me wonder what I ever did to deserve you.

When a girl is upset, try to take the focus away from serious, thought-provoking things and talk about sweet, emotional things instead. The sillier you get, the faster they’ll snap out of the mood. Just bear in mind that it should all be the truth. Don’t tell them anything that isn’t strictly about them, or you’ll do more harm than good.

Saying something wrong here will make them spiral faster than ever imagined: they’ll think you wanted them to have that quality, but they don’t, so you’re upset about it. Or that the other girl you like has this quality and she’s the one you think about when you’re with them. The possibilities are endless.

How to respond when a girl asks “what do you see in me” if she’s testing you

When you’re both in a neutral mood, and they ask you this question, it means they truly want the answer to this. They’ll analyze your reply to bits, so make sure you think it through.

Reply with their core qualities, such as kindness, empathy, grit, resilience, honesty, loyalty, sociability, and reliability. We’d generally advise against commenting on only their looks, as it might sound good, but it’ll end up making them feel disappointed.

Also, don’t say something like, “I see a lot of potential in you, you have such resilience,” because it sounds really automatic and emotionless. Instead, try to go for longer and more descriptive and meaningful replies. You should think about what you like and explain what you’re thinking about.

I love how determined you are and that little crease that forms between your eyebrows when you’re concentrated on something. I love how giving up just never crosses your mind, no matter how difficult something is. The resilience just blows me away, even though I’ve seen it about a hundred times now. And I don’t think it’ll ever get old.

It seems almost unbelievable how you can light up a room when you enter without ever saying a word. How you can make people feel like family after talking to them for just an hour. I know from experience that it’s harrowing to be nice to people who aren’t even trying, but you sure make it look easy. Every day, you show me what it’s like to truly live instead of just existing.

These are just templates; you can add specific touches to make them more realistic and relatable. However, adding anything downright critical would be a bad idea. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t be honest with them, but this is a sort of overall assessment, and you don’t want anything negative here.

Not only is it probable to make them feel insecure and insufficient, but they might even distance themselves if they get too upset. Honesty is the best policy, but it’s you who has to decide if it’s worth risking your relationship with them.

In the end

We’ve reached the end of today’s blog and hope you’ve found the answer to your question.

Talking with girls was never easy, and even less so today, when the preferred mode of  communication is online. It allows us even less opportunity to gauge their facial expression and tone and doesn’t help us get our point through. Women love to be passive-aggressive and are quick to assume that that’s what others are doing.

If you’ve been asked, “what do you see in me?” by a girl, remember you’re on very thin ice. She wants the correct answer, and yes, there is one, too. Mention the most noticeable yet secretive qualities that you see in them. Your ideal response will have emotion, truth, and devotion in it.

You can follow our templates and edit in her personality for the perfect response that’ll make her cry tears of joy! If you have any doubts or are in a similar scenario, reach out in the comments section; we’d love to help you.

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