What to Answer When a Girl Asks “What’s Your Type”?

A game of truth and dare can bring out many unheard questions and unexpected replies. You wouldn’t want to get hit with these questions. But if you have, then that’s pretty awkward, only if you don’t know how to reply! Let’s talk about one such unexpected question from a girl! She spins the bottle and asks you – What’s your type? What is this question is the first thing you will think of! However, that is not how you answer it! Let us explain what this question means for things to get a little clearer, alright?

what to answer when a girl asks what's your type

This English phrase is overused, but what it means is what you wish to know. We must tell you that the list of “types” is vast. But you can figure out your type quite easily. Ask yourself one question – Do you have a type or not? Which category do you belong to?

You can recall the patterns of your dating record to get the answer. You might be dating girls that can be categorized in the same line! Perhaps they all have long hair, a sense of humor, and are nerds? That is your type, then! You like girls with these characteristics! Do you know what we mean?

But if your dating track record is chaotic, then you lack a particular type! But not having a type is your type! Do you get it?

Did we make this clear, or is it all messy in your head still? Let’s help you with some replies that can help you answer this question easily.

Thinking about the obvious stand-out qualities of someone

Do your friends and siblings make fun of you, saying you have a “thing” for a particular aspect a girl has? You should know that sometimes you date people remembering these details, and other times you don’t.

But you will have your answer if you think back and try to connect the dots! So, think of the girls you dated/are dating, the female friends you have, or the girl you have been crushing over.

What are the qualities that are similar in all of them? If you have a type, they will resemble one another in one or more ways! We will write down some sample replies to inspire you to answer this question.

I like someone who is loyal to a fault.

She should have a beautiful smile and an amazing personality!

Don’t care about the look, but she should be caring!

Smart, funny, loves to cook?

Confident ones make my heart flutter.

Nerdy, witty, and adorable.

I can do it with some intelligence because that’s pretty attractive to me!

I fall for girls/guys who have funny bones in their bodies.

What are your deal breakers?

You can always silently ponder about the qualities of your potential lover when someone asks you about your type. Play by the elimination rule and think about the deal-breaking qualities of a girl.

Now, we know that you may like a certain height, complexion, or body type, but we ask you not to put these things on your deal-breaking list. You should always talk about the qualities that might set you off!

You might not like how they dress, talk, or walk, which is okay. We all are different, and respecting other people’s choices is the way to go.

Let’s see how you can talk about these deal-breaking qualities in someone when someone asks your type below.

Controlling women aren’t my type.

I don’t wish to be “one of the many men” on their priority list.

I can’t deal with possessive ones.

Miss know-it-all makes me cringe.

I can’t date when they put in no effort!

Clingy ones are a big NO.

The “playing hard to get” women can stay away.

I don’t find girls always on their phones sexy! It pisses me off! Face the world, girl!

You don’t have a type

You might often get asked about your type, but what if you don’t play by a specific rule? There is no such handbook that guides you through it!

If you see yourself in this category, you can say so, right? We know people don’t believe that you don’t have a clear type, but you are indecisive like that, and it is OK.

You can shrug it off or better pretend you didn’t hear it, but that is now how all this works all the time. Let’s see how we can dodge this question in a good way now that you are here!

Hey, I don’t really have a type.

I don’t have a rule of that sort.

I see someone I like; I ask them out. Pretty simple.

I don’t get the point of committing to a type.

I have qualities I like about girls, in theory, but they don’t always pan out.

Closing thoughts

With this, we have decided to wrap up our discussion. You might have heard that everyone has a type, but that is not true, and we believe we have stressed that enough in the blog.

Besides, we have also mentioned how you can reply when you are repeatedly drawn towards a person with similar qualities too. We talked about some deal-breaking points so that you can talk about them politely.

In the end, we must say, please don’t try to fit in on someone’s type! You are meant to be you, and that’s unique!

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