If You Video Call on Instagram, Does it Show You’re on Another Call on Whatsapp Call?

Social media platforms are both the bane of the younger generations’ mental health and the most integral resource one could ask for. It helps you connect with a person from around the world in a mere second and only requires a smartphone and internet connection. But that’s the least of what it can do! Talking to people is fun, but what if you’re an introvert? And even as an introvert, what if you aren’t particularly interested in using the most common social media platforms?

if you video call on instagram, does it show you're on another call on whatsapp call

Don’t worry; the internet won’t fail you that fast. You can use hundreds of websites to connect with people, and you can also niche them according to your preferences.

There are hundreds of small communities where you can meet those doing exactly what you are. For example, MyLanguageExchange allows users to meet new people who’re native speakers of the languages they’re learning and vice versa. There are also several study rooms and websites for STEM other students.

In terms of entertainment, the internet people left no stone unturned. From YouTube to Instagram and everything in between, you can spend hours and hours scrolling and consuming content tailored for you.

If such a goldmine were available to the greatest minds in history, they would’ve accomplished an unbelievable myriad of things. However, when provided to Gen Z, most seem to be hell-bent on using it in the worst way possible. Watching pornography, wasting time-consuming, random, useless, mind-numbing content, and dulling their brains.

Thankfully, not all teenagers have fallen into this hole, nor is it impossible to escape. Granted, it does require a lot of determination, hard work, motivation, discipline, and life-hacking. But if anyone can do it, those with growing brains, bodies capable of going through unbelievable labor, and no responsibility.

Today’s blog will discuss if video calling on Instagram shows the caller that you’re on a WhatsApp call.

If You Video Call on Instagram, Does it Show You’re on Another Call on Whatsapp Call?

Most active internet users have an Instagram and WhatsApp account at the very least. So, it’s natural to wonder if a WhatsApp caller can tell that you’re currently on an Instagram call.

The answer is no; there’s no reason why that will happen. Think about it: Instagram and WhatsApp are social media platforms connected by the internet. There’s no reason why your smartphone network will be interrupted while receiving either call.

However, this is complicated territory, so be prepared for a thorough discussion. Firstly, let’s discuss the most basic processes required for this.

Here’s how to place a WhatsApp call

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp; you’ll automatically land on the Chats tab. At the top, locate and tap on the Calls tab.

Step 2: Tap on the magnifying glass icon at the top right and enter the name of the person you wish to call.

Step 3: Tap the green telephone receiver icon to call the user.

If the call status is Calling, the call isn’t going through; either your or the receiver’s internet connection is unstable or turned off. If it’s Ringing, they can see or hear your call unless their smartphone is silent.

How to video call someone on Instagram

Step 1: Launch Instagram, the first screen is your personalized feed. At the top right, you’ll see the DMs icon; tap on it.

if you video call on instagram, does it show you're on another call on whatsapp call

Step 2: Next, locate the user you wish to call or search for by tapping the search bar at the top. On their chat, you’ll see a phone receiver icon at the top right of their chat.

if you video call on instagram, does it show you're on another call on whatsapp call

That’s all you had to do!

So now, let’s discuss exactly what happens when someone else calls you on WhatsApp while you’re on an Instagram video call.

You’re on an Instagram video call with someone, and your friend calls you on WhatsApp. Obviously, you cannot receive it; you only have the option to either decline the incoming call or hang up the Instagram call.

On the other hand, the caller can see the Ringing in the call status, knowing that you can see their call. But that’s about it! They cannot know if you’re on a video call with someone else on Instagram.

Our advice will be to hang up on the ongoing call and check out what the incoming call is about. However, either way, you don’t need to worry about them finding out you’re on an Instagram video call because they’ll never know.

The situation will be the same even if they call you on your smartphone instead of WhatsApp. But if you’re occupied on a normal smartphone call, the WhatsApp caller will know you’re otherwise occupied.

In the end

Let us quickly see the straightforward answer to today’s topic. If you’re video-calling with someone on Instagram, a WhatsApp caller won’t know you’re busy. It doesn’t make much sense for them to be.

Calling someone on both Instagram and WhatsApp is extremely easy; these are the most popular social media platforms on the planet. Still, we’ve mentioned how to carry out both processes in detail.

If you still have questions regarding this situation, we’ll love to answer them in the comments section below!

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