How to Read WhatsApp Group Messages Without Sender Knowing

Has it ever happened with you in an awkward moment when your friend just felt that he was ignored as you didn’t reply to their WhatsApp group message? Especially when you did read their message and they could see the blue ticks. Or times when you did want to read what’s written in the text but didn’t what to send a reply or let the sender know about it? Well, some ways can help you from being saved from such circumstances.

read whatsapp group messages without sender knowing

There are interesting hacks by which you will be able to read the WhatsApp group message and the sender won’t be able to know about it. We did want to help you with avoiding all of the pain of reading a message and the sender is not going to know that you went through them.

Presently, WhatsApp is owned by the popular Facebook and has more than one billion users across the world. However, while several features make the app so interesting and keep one ahead of the competition, still some of the features receive mixed reactions on the usability and in terms of overall user experience.

One such feature is the Blue Tick or message read feature. The benefit is that the sender does get the information on if the message is delivered and seen by the receiver or not. Although, in case you don’t send a reply right away, there is a probability that your contact will feel or be ignored and this can become a big disadvantage of the feature.

But don’t stress about it, here we have the best ways that you can try and you will be able to read the WhatsApp Group message and then the sender won’t know about it.

How to Read WhatsApp Group Messages Without Sender Knowing

There is a choice for you where you can make use of other third-party applications and that will do this work for you. These apps are available easily on Play Store too. Now, something that this app does is that it can track all of your WhatsApp messages and can save them in the internal dashboard when there’s a new group message. One can then easily see that message and the person won’t be getting those blue ticks as you didn’t make use of WhatsApp to take a look at that message originally.

1. UNSEEN- No Last Read


  • You will be able to record all of the messages on WhatsApp including the ones on groups and they will be saved.
  • The Messages that include text or media can be easily viewed with the help of this app.

How Does The App Work?

While you are reading the message on the app their won’t be any read receipts sent to that person, as you are looking at the recorded group message on the app and not on WhatsApp.

2. Shh-No Last seen or read


  • You can download this app from the official website as it’s not available on the Play Store. The app will make sure there aren’t any last seen or Read Receipts.
  • One can see all of the messages on Facebook and WhatsApp groups without the seen feature.

How Does The App Work?

When there is a new group message on WhatsApp then the message gets recorded over the app and that person won’t get notified if you read the message.

Reading Whatsapp Group Messages through Mspy

One of the best spying apps that you can go for both Android and iOS devices is mSpy. One can use this app for tracking online status, hide you’re last seen, and get notifications amongst many other things. The app is also helpful in taking a look at another person’s WhatsApp messages on groups and eve from your Macbook or PC easily. All you have to do is:

  • Make an account using your email on mSpy and set a good password.
  • Download the app and install it on the target phone where the WhatsApp has been installed.
  • After this, log in to your account on the dashboard of mSpy.
  • Now you will be able to see all of the group messages on your phone and the sender of the group message won’t know about it.

The app can also help make sure your children are safe from any scams or mishaps that keep happening online these days.

Reading Group Messages on Whatsapp without Even Opening The App

In case you have some messages on WhatsApp groups and you aren’t willing to show yourself online or just don’t feel like opening the app we have a solution for you. If you are still curious about the messages of a specific app, here is a method with steps you need to follow.

It’s a two-step process. Firstly, this will allow you to take a look at the texts and video and image files with ease, from the phone gallery where all of the media gets saved. Just remember one thing that contacts of that group should be in your contact list as well and only then the media file gets stored.

It makes looking at group messages without anybody knows about them so simple. Here is all you need to do.

  • Make sure that the notifications for that group on Whatapp haven’t been muted and the feature is turned on the setting.
  • When you get the message of the group, a notification can be seen on the bar of your iPhone or Android device.
  • When somebody sends you images and videos, they will get saved over the phone automatically. This is when you have changed to the auto-download setting of media files and all of the contacts are saved as well.

This is all that one has to do for viewing the media and messages of the WhatsApp Group without a ‘seen’ notification.

Final Thoughts:

Now, instead of directly checking on the group message, you can follow the above methods. This will make sure that you are reading the WhatsApp Group Messages without Sender Knowing.

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