How to Undo Report on Whatsapp (Updated 2023)

If you were asked which instant messenger app was most commonly used around the globe, what would your answer be? Nine out of ten people would say, “WhatsApp,” and they wouldn’t be wrong. Launched about twelve years ago, the platform currently has over two thousand million active users monthly.

reverse report and block on whatsapp

Because it is so easy to create an account on WhatsApp, some people also use the platform for various malpractices, including threatening, harassing, or abusing others.

And while the platform cannot prevent such people from creating accounts, they have added various security features that you can use when you don’t want another person to bother you.

To begin with, if you’re annoyed by someone’s constant texts, you can simply mute their conversations to avoid them. If they start pestering you more, blocking them is also an option. Lastly, if this person is harassing you, you can report their account to WhatsApp, asking them to look into this person.

If too many users report a particular account, the WhatsApp Team will remove them from the platform.

However, let’s not forget that we’re all humans and can make mistakes at times. The same is true for blocking or reporting someone on WhatsApp.

Have you ever faced a situation where you reported and blocked someone else by mistake and are now worried about how you can undo it?

Don’t worry, we get you, and we’re here to solve this problem for you.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to undo report and block on Whatsapp.

What Happens When You Report Someone on Whatsapp by Mistake?

Did you know that while you can block someone separately if you report them, they’ll be blocked simultaneously? Additionally, reporting someone also means that all your conversation with this person will disappear, with their last five messages being sent to the WhatsApp Team for investigation.

reverse report and block on whatsapp

So, if you think you need evidence about someone’s misdemeanor online, you must take screenshots of their texts before reporting them.

Now, let’s talk about what would change for this person that you’ve blocked and/or reported on the platform.

1. Person Can’t See Your Last Seen

First and foremost, you should know that whether you block someone, report them, or do both things simultaneously, WhatsApp severs all ties between the two of you. It means that this person will no longer be able to see you online on the platform. In fact, the whole “last seen” status on your profile will be blank for them.

reverse report and block on whatsapp

2. Status You Upload Will be Invisible to Them

Conforming to what we just discussed, any status you upload blocking or reporting them will not be seen on their phone. Moreover, your profile picture will also disappear for them, showing a blank screen with a silhouette instead.

Also, if a person you’ve blocked or reported calls you, they might see it “ringing,” but those calls will never be delivered to you. Additionally, any text they try sending you after being blocked will never reach you; these texts will forever have a single tick on their phone.

3. WhatsApp Team Will Look Into Their Account

This only happens in the case of reporting an account. The WhatsApp team will monitor this person’s chats with you and other people to analyze if they’ve violated the platform’s terms and policies. And if they’re found guilty, this person could be suspended or even banned from the platform.

4. Report and Block Doesn’t Affect Your Group Chats

Do you share a group with the person you’ve blocked or reported? If you do, WhatsApp will not do anything about it; you two will still remain members of this group. And if you have a problem with it, you can either ask the admin to remove them or leave the group yourself.

Can You Undo Report on Whatsapp?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to undo report on Whatsapp. But if you’re worried that their account might be banned due to your mistake, rest assured. Unless an account is reported by several accounts, the WhatsApp team doesn’t ban it right away.

If while reporting a person, you checked the box that read “delete all chat,” all your conversations with this person have been lost forever.

However, if you’ve messed up by blocking them, luckily, that can be reversed pretty easily. All you need to do is tap on their picture, open their profile, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see the Unblock option in grey, placed right above Report.

Click on it, and the person will regain access to your online status, profile picture, as well as call and text you.

How to Report and Block Someone on Whatsapp

I’m sure that all of us have blocked at least one person on WhatsApp in our lives. And even if you haven’t, it doesn’t take long to figure out how to do it.

Here’s how you can report and block someone on Whatsapp:

  • All you need to do is open Whatsapp on your phone.
  • On your Chats page, select the person you want to block or report.
  • Once their chat is opened, click on the three dots on the top right of the page.
  • You’ll see multiple options, with the last one reading More. Select it.
  • The two options that you’ll see are Report and Block.

In The End:

WhatsApp provides its users with a choice of blocking or reporting a particular account if they feel threatened or abused by it.

With that being said, reporting someone else carelessly is also wrong. You should consider the fact that this person could lose their account by your thoughtless actions.

So, if you’ve ever blocked or reported someone by mistake, is there a way to undo it? Well, if we’re talking about blocking people, that can be undone easily. But in the case of reporting, there’s no way to reverse it.

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