How to Recover Delete for Me Messages (Undo Delete for Me Whatsapp)

Undo Delete For Me Whatsapp: Deleting messages has always been a task for people and became more so when Whatsapp introduced the group chat feature. Although a few messages didn’t matter, messages began accumulating in people’s group chats to such an extent that their phone storage started running low.

recover delete for me whatsapp messages

To help its users out of this fix, WhatsApp introduced a few options using which the users could delete messages in bulk. These included the “Clear chat” and the “Delete for Me” options. Using these features, one can easily remove all and any of their conversations with another person without the other person knowing about it. Doesn’t that sound helpful?

However, with the launch of the “Delete for Everyone” feature, some people are having trouble deleting their messages correctly. Sometimes, they accidentally delete an important message for everyone, and sometimes they delete messages for themselves only. You can tell how both of these scenarios can be problematic for the users.

If you are going through the same problem, then don’t worry; we’re here to help you through it.

Stick with us till the end of today’s blog to learn all about undo delete for me Whatsapp message that you accidentally deleted. Later, we also plan on discussing how you can set up your WhatsApp data backup and other related topics.

Can You Undo Delete for Me in Whatsapp?  

WhatsApp has a feature where you can delete a message for yourself for a long time, and it has always been used extensively by users. In an update in 2017, WhatsApp launched a new feature called “Delete for Everyone” and “Delete for Me” which also got a tremendous response from both users and critics.

However, a few of us often get confused between the options, don’t we? As a result, we often lose important messages and sometimes, whole conversations. Are you one of these people, too?

If you’ve unknowingly sent an irrelevant message to a person or in a group chat, your only way out is to delete that message for everyone. Since that ship had sailed when you deleted that message for yourself, your best course of action is to apologize and ask them to ignore that message.

Before you begin scouring for a way to recover Delete for Me messages on Whatsapp, let’s understand can you undo delete for me in Whatsapp?

Unfortunately, you can’t undo delete for me in Whatsapp. Once you delete a Whatsapp message for yourself it will be removed from chat. However, there are a couple of ways to recover Delete for Me messages.

How to Recover Delete for Me Messages in Whatsapp

1. Restore Your Most Recent Whatsapp Backup

The first method you can employ to see a message you accidentally deleted for yourself is to restore your WhatsApp data. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s only easy if you routinely back up your WhatsApp data every once in a while. If you haven’t backed up your data, it won’t be possible for you to recover your message using this method.

For those of you who do back up your WhatsApp data, there isn’t much that’s left to do. Just go ahead and uninstall WhatsApp from your smartphone, re-install it, and download your backed-up data on it. You’ll be able to see the deleted message this time around.

2. Ask Other Person to Forward the Message

If you don’t backup your WhatsApp data, the only alternative for you is to ask receiver to send you a screenshot or forward the message to you directly.

However, if you feel like you can’t ask them for the message directly, we’re sorry to say that there isn’t anything else that you can do in this position.

How to Backup Whatsapp Messages?

If one of the two methods mentioned in this blog has helped you, we’re happy for you. However, something needs to be done if you can’t retrieve your message because your data wasn’t backed up.

Don’t worry; in this section, we’ll help you set up your WhatsApp data backup.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Step 2: You’ll see the three dots icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on it and a drop-down menu will appear.

Step 3: Tap on the last option on that list called Settings.

Step 4: On the Settings page, tap on the second option called Chats. 

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the Chats, locate and tap on the option called Chat backup. 

Step 6: On the Chat backup screen, you’ll see a green button with the words BACK UP written on it. Tap on it, and your work here is done.

On the Chat backup page, you’ll also find the option to set the frequency of your regular WhatsApp backups. This way, you’ll never have to remember to back up your data because your phone will do it for you.

How to Delete Messages for Everyone on Whatsapp

Deleting a message for everyone on WhatsApp is an effortless task. Let us guide you through it.

Open WhatsApp, and tap on the chat from where you wish to delete a message for everyone. Locate and long press on the message that you want to delete.

Five icons will appear at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on the third one, which is the trash box icon.

You’ll see three buttons on the confirmation message that will appear.

Tap on the third one named DELETE FOR EVERYONE, and you’ll be good to go.

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