How to Know if Someone Deleted Your Number on Whatsapp [Updated 2023]

Know if Someone Deleted You on Whatsapp: WhatsApp has completely changed the way people view messaging apps by enabling texts, audio and video conversations, and even the ability to upload stories for your contacts to see. This well-known app has become the standard protocol for messaging in many parts of the world.

know if someone deleted you from whatsapp

The app has defeated other phone providers that charge customers to send SMS to their friends and family across their networks.

With so many ways to interact with pals, we seldom consider what to do if one of them deletes our contact information. We are sure you’re all aware that it is a possibility. We lose contact with people for a variety of reasons, including petty squabbles or the fact that we no longer have anything in common with that particular classmate.

At such times, we see their status updates lessening rapidly, and the conversations between you two are cut short.

So, we are left wondering if they have deleted you from WhatsApp. But how can we know that because the app doesn’t alert us when someone blocks us or deletes our contact?

Though the app wouldn’t tell us explicitly, if we know the app’s basics, we’ll be able to figure it out if we look a little harder.

So, we’ve decided to write this blog to assist you in figuring out how to know if someone deleted your number on Whatsapp. So, let’s not waste any more time and learn everything there is to know about it.

How to Know if Someone Deleted Your Number on Whatsapp

1. Take a Look at Their Whatsapp Profile Picture

If you’re acquainted with WhatsApp, you’re probably aware of the idea behind the app’s profile pictures. People in your contact list can see and even take screenshots of your profile photo if they want. If you can’t see the person’s profile picture, it’s likely that they’ve deleted all of your contact information.

know if someone deleted your number on whatsapp

There might be a number of additional reasons for this, but because the app does not disclose to us about it, it’s one of our reasonable assumptions.

Go to your WhatsApp account and browse past the contacts to find the person in question to see if their profile icon is visible on the app. Along with their names, you can see their profile icon.

If the profile logo is blank, your contact has most likely been deleted. You may take a look at their profile pictures by tapping on their profile icon as well.

2. Is Their Last Seen Information Visible?

When we open a person’s chat on WhatsApp, we notice their Last seen status, which is shown under their names. It tells us when the user last used the app. If it says Online, it means the user is presently interacting with the app. On the app, these functionalities are turned on by default. 

To confirm your suspicion through this method, you need to open a conversation with the person. They may have removed your contact if their Last Seen is not displayed and the space beneath their names stays blank. It’s also possible that the person just disabled their last seen settings. However, you may use this strategy in conjunction with the profile photo method to solidify your suspicions even more.

3. Did You See Their Status Update?

WhatsApp’s status update feature is similar to what we term “stories” on Facebook and Instagram. This unique feature has swiftly become the preferred method of informing others about your daily activities. It vanishes after 24 hours, or you may erase it yourself. People post GIFs, photographs, videos, memes, and links in their status updates. 

But did you know that you can use this tool to play detective and see whether someone has deleted you from their contact list? If you were hoping for a secret feature that informs it, you’re going to be upset because there isn’t one. This feature only validates the raising suspicions. To see how this approach works, open your WhatsApp account and go to the top of the screen to the Status option. 

You are whisked to a screen that shows My Status. It displays the stories you choose to share. You will also find the Recent Updates, which shows all of your contacts who have posted stories. Look for the contact you have a hunch has deleted your number and see if they have any stories. It’s possible they haven’t posted one yet. 

But what if a common friend of both of you sees a post on their account, but you don’t? It indicates they have excluded you from their contact list to view their story. They might have blocked you, or worse, deleted you from their WhatsApp account.

4. Be Upfront 

If you need to find out if someone deleted you from your WhatsApp, this is one of the scarier alternatives. Confronting someone is not only unpleasant, but it also raises the risk of building a dispute between you. However, as the saying goes, communication is the key to resolving any conflict. This solution is highly effective, and you won’t have to rack your brain for new methods that aren’t necessarily reliable. 

Just ask them if they have removed your contact from their list, and if they reply yes, the situation is settled. But if they say no, you’ll successfully avoid making any baseless assumptions and clear up any misunderstandings. If you can’t ask them directly in person, you may send them a regular text message or ring them up if you want.

5. Ask your common friends

If approaching someone intimidates you, you can take assistance from your common friends. Check to see if the profile picture and story updates for the person in question is visible on one of your common friend’s smartphone. If they can see these updates while you cannot, they may have deleted you from their WhatsApp.

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