How to Respond When Girl Text Hi First

How many of you have received a Hi text from a girl? There’s a catch – She must have sent you the text first! You shouldn’t be the one texting them first this time. Now anyone who has put their hands up must be waiting here to know how to respond to the girl. We have guessed it right, isn’t it? Let’s get one thing straight – “Hi” does not directly indicate that a girl has a crush on you just because she texted you first. Yes, it is the truth, no matter how disappointed you are with this fact.

respond when girl text hi first

This two-letter word takes the least effort to type and leaves people utterly confused about the purpose of the conversation. Your mind wanders to faraway places, and you make dream scenarios in your head!

There are questions in your head. Why is she texting me? Do I get straight to flirting? Should I be casual and gradually act out on my feelings? Is she interested in me?

We know your mind is a jumbled mess with these thoughts with no concrete answers. However, we are here with you to tell you how to respond when girl texts hi first to you.

Keeping it short and sweet

Have you been at a loss for words when you have to reply to a girl? A simple hi from them can make you anxious, and your replies may come out bland.

You likely talk regularly to that girl, and they texted you first. They might just want to say a quick hello and check on you or say something important.

However, if your friends, acquaintances, or colleagues are sending you the text, you can keep your replies short and sweet. Let’s look at a couple of replies here that can keep the conversation going.

Hey right back at you!

A simple hi from a friend may have different purposes, but you don’t know it! But if they are a friend or a person known to you, you can start on a lighter tone and keep it fun and sweet. This simple response from you will prompt her to keep talking.

Hello there! How you doing?

Are you excited that the friend texted you after a while? Why not show it with a little exclamation mark? You can also ask them about their well-being afterward to show that you genuinely are happy to receive a text and want to talk more.

Yo! What’s up?

You can send these kinds of texts to your close female friends. “Yo” is pretty informal, and so people use it mainly in an informal setting. Besides, you can hit them with a what’s up text to keep up with the conversation’s flow.

Hey yourself

Do you wish to be cheeky yet cute with your friend? This reply is perfect, so don’t miss this one. You can also add a wink emoji and enjoy friendly banter with your friend.

Well, hello, what a surprise. How have you been?

Did you get a text from a girl who made you genuinely surprised? You can showcase your shock and surprise with this response. You can use it with a girl you met in college, and you weren’t expecting a text from her because she didn’t seem interested!

Some sassy and flirty replies

A little sass and some flirting can do wonders. However, there is always a blurry line between what’s flirty and what’s cringy.

Make sure you know the difference and never go down the cringe line, we beg. Let’s see what responses you can come up with to score that date with the girl of your dreams.

Hey there pretty, how are you?

Use the sentence only when you know the girl or are comfortable enough with her. Do not make her uncomfortable with these lines if you have only been on one or two hangouts together. Always include a question about their well-being if nothing comes to mind.

Another alternate sentence that you can certainly use is – Hello gorgeous, how have you been? Try using them and enjoy their flustered faces if you are face-timing and texting at the same time.

Hii, are you free tonight?

This one is a perfect reply when you have already planned something for your girl, but then she beats you at texting first. Please don’t send this message if this is your first time texting the girl. You can also go with a hey babe text if you want to keep it simple and sweet.

Well, well, well, if this isn’t my queen sliding into my DMs?

You can be dramatic with your girl because who is stopping you? You could send this over to her even if you talked a few hours ago. Or, you can also be a little sarcastic and send this to someone who hasn’t been in touch with you for a long time.

Be direct

Individuals can always be direct when a girl texts hi first. You can probably ask them about their whereabouts or what they need you for next. You can send these texts to your friends or anyone really.

Hey, you! You are alive?

This one’s certainly for a friend you absolutely love. These types of replies can lead to silly fights, and you can end up talking for hours.

You can also go ahead with – Long time no talk, I’m really happy you texted. What’s up? The reply also shows your excitement that the person texted you. Another alternative to these sentences – So, it has been quite a while. How is everything? Glad you reached out.

Yes, say?

Did your colleague or a girl from your batch text you for the first time? You can be direct and ask them what happened if you wish to keep your dialogues limited. It will prompt the sender to be quick and crisp in their replies, and the conversations won’t stretch much.

Hi, all good?

This is the easiest response you can send someone when they text you suddenly. Let them take charge of the conversation and figure out what you can say next.

Key takeaways

It is time to wrap up our discussion. Listen, you are entitled to decide what kind of response you want to send to the girl who texted you first. You can either go with their flow and wait for them to continue or take charge.

Make sure always to choose an appropriate reply so that your conversations don’t die. You can choose to be casual, neutral, or simply block the girl if you don’t like her. We have put together a couple of replies you can text back, so make sure you check them out.

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