What Are Some Sarcastic Answers to “What You Doing”?

Humor has always been one of the important aspects of life. Stand-ups, literature, and movies have been an integral part of entertainment for a long time. No matter how stressed or tired you are, a small witty quip from someone around you can make you forget all about it for a while. This is partly why people are drawn to naturally funny people; an instant hit of dopamine is always welcome. A presence of mind and a how-can-I-make-the-situation-lighter mindset is all that’s needed to make people laugh.

what are some sarcastic answers to what you doing

And the main thing is, cultivating a sense of humor that makes people always want to be around you is not impossible. However, it’s also easy; the most efficient way to become funnier is to treat it like an assignment and conduct proper research.

Watch stand-up comedies and classic rom-com, and read comedy skits.

You can even Google how to be funnier and find small tips to help you learn how to be better at picking up humorous cues. Trust us, like every other skill; it gets easier with time and practice. Always keep in mind that what you say is always meant to make people laugh, not to offend them in any way.

You’ll find it much easier to go with the humor of the generation you belong to. For example, Gen X is into the “Dad, I’m gay. Hi Gay, I’m dad” thing. But Gen Z hates this particular kind of “trying too hard” humor.

Millennials are the depressed generation, trying to make their strict childhood and broken system relatable. They’re always trying to generalize all millennials as depressed, unhappily employed, and overall miserable. Safe to say that this is the peak of self-deprecating humor.

On the other hand, Gen Z has a unique brand of humor that isn’t easily comprehensible by other generations. Meta-irony, resignation, random absurdity, and unexplainably funny reaction memes are all part of the big inside joke that is Gen Z humor.

You can never do enough research, so start right now! Today’s blog will discuss some sarcastic responses when someone asks you what you’re doing.

What Are Some Sarcastic Answers to “What You Doing”?

Sarcasm is one of Gen Z’s best coping mechanisms. It’s a great way to avoid answering a question you don’t like by saying something completely opposite to what the answer is. The stranger or more out-of-context your answer is, the funnier it will be.

 But remember that if you overdo it, no one will laugh. It needs just enough to sound genuine, enough for the listener to accept and then do a double take on what you said.

Don’t worry; we understand how confusing this can be, and we’re here to help you! Read on to learn the sarcastic responses to “what you doing” depending on different contexts.

When a friend calls you to simply ask you what you’re doing, it is pretty annoying. They already know you’re at home and talking to them on your smartphone; what else do they want?

  1. Stupid people are ruining America.
  2. I’m on my vigilante shit, again.
  3. In this economy?
  4. How long did it take you to come up with that one?
  5. Wouldn’t you like to know?
  6. Well, I WAS trying to get some alone time. But some people just won’t let you live.
  7. Trying to avoid people who aren’t productive. Clearly, it’s going terribly.
  8. I’m willing to bet you say that to every girl you talk to.
  9. As the prophecy foretold.
  10. Stalking my crush on Instagram.
  11. Could you ask a more DIFFICULT question?
  12. Preparing a four-hour brisket for my pet goldfish.
  13. I love the sound that you make when you just shut the hell up.
  14. Making the worst decisions ever. Please help me.
  15. Hanging out with my imaginary friend.
  16. You’re not the stupidest person in the world but pray to God that he doesn’t die.
  17. Googling how to hang up on a boring phone call from a friend.
  18. Taking my third pregnancy test; wish me luck!
  19. Watering my dog and putting him in the sunlight.
  20. Well, since you can see I’m using my laptop, I’m obviously horse-riding.
  21. Just sipping on a Starbucks coffee and waiting for my problems to automatically go away.
  22. Trying to imagine you with a personality. I like to think I’m creative, but right now, nothing comes to mind, LOL.
  23. Thinking of a way to hang up this call; it’s more boring than a National Geography documentary about sloths.
  24. Wondering what the planet would be like without people who ask stupid questions.
  25. I’m sorry, sir, but that’s highly classified information.

These are 25 of the wittiest responses when someone asks you, “what you doing.” Of course, you can also be nice to them by stating what you’re doing, even if it’s obvious. LOL, we hope you know we’re joking.

In conclusion

As our blog for today has reached its end, let’s talk about all we’ve discussed.

Sarcasm is a useful humor tool to help people get out of sticky situations with a smile on their faces. You’re doing great as long as you don’t overdo it to the point where it starts sounding rude.

People like asking questions they already know the answers to since it makes them feel smart or correct on some unconscious level. Asking questions like “how are you” and “what’s up” has also become more of a greeting than a real question to be answered.

So, take in contextual clues to know what they’re trying to say, and then pull their leg with a joke or two; they’ll love it!

If you have any questions, we’d love to know all about it!

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