How to Respond to “How Are You Today”

As children, we’ve all been taught that the first question that follows hi in a conversation is how are you. And while we simply accepted it without question back then, we can truly understand the real essence of it only when we’re adults.

how are you today

Because as adults, when we’re burdened with countless bills and responsibilities, stressed about earning too little, or working too much, or living too far away from our loved ones, we often feel all kinds of negative feelings with no one to share them with.

Under such circumstances, being asked how we are makes us feel cared for, even if we might not be able to answer it honestly. However, in today’s blog, we’re not going to discuss what the question signifies, but how to best answer it. If you’ve ever struggled to answer how are you today, stick with us till the end to learn its solution.

How to Respond to “How Are You Today”

Now that we know what might make someone ask you how your day was let’s move on to how you can give the perfect response to how are you today.

When responding to a question, keep in mind some important factors such as the tone of their voice, the reason behind the question, the relationship between the two of you, and of course, your feelings and mood.

If this seems too much work to do at once, then you can relax. Right now, we’ll talk about the responses to how are you today in some of the most common professional and personal circumstances.

…You want to continue the conversation

As we said, people in professional/formal settings often ask questions such as how are you today to start a conversation or to ease you into the next topic of discussion. A simple and polite response while asking them a question to give them something to say is the perfect way to go. Here are some of the suitable responses in such a situation.

I’m perfectly well, thanks for asking. What about you? Everything alright?

I’m great, thanks for the concern. Are you doing well today?

Today has been a success for me so far, and I’m sure this meeting will only add to it. How are you?

All three of these responses smell of effortless charm and politeness with a side of confidence.

… You’re not well and won’t mind talking about it

Let us suppose that one of your close acquaintances/friends at work are seeing you after a few days. It’s completely okay for you to want to talk to them about whatever is on your mind, but there are a couple of things to consider first.

Firstly, even though they asked you about your well-being out of their volition, it doesn’t mean you should launch into a somewhat long story then and there. People often use questions like how are you today as a greeting, similar to hello.

However, we aren’t asking you to lie. All you need to do is to give them a little hint about how you’re feeling, and if they choose to push you, then you can go right ahead.

Secondly, remember that if they don’t think to delve deeper into how you’re feeling right then, it might have something to do with how busy they are. It’s best not to take these things to your heart before thinking their reaction through.

Here are some responses you can give when you’re in a similar situation:

To be honest, it hasn’t been the best day.

I’m feeling better now that you’ve asked.

Not perfect, but I’m hanging in there.

Thanks for asking, I could really use a friend right now.

These responses, especially the last one, might be a little tough for some people to admit. However, there’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable and admitting that we’re all human at the end of the day.

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