What to Answer When a Girl Asks “What You See in a Girl”?

Girls are popular for noticing minor details, but men also don’t lack these observational skills. They have curious minds when it comes to a lot of things, and girls rank above all! Now, we know we cannot say the same thing about every man, but we can say this about many men, and that is enough! Ok, here’s a situation – You are crushing on a girl, and they ask you what you see in a girl! Just imagine this little scenario in your head and think what reply you can come up with!

what to answer when a girl asks what you see in a girl

The situation can be completely different, and sometimes just a female friend of yours can also ask this question. However, no matter your situation, you fall short of replies, which can make things awkward!

Let’s put it this way – What’s your type when it comes to girls? Now, you may have a type, or you don’t; you cannot be hanging in the middle because that is not how it works!

So, when someone asks you about it, you need to think about the quality that appeals to you! You can come up with different sorts of answers, and people have different criteria when it comes to this list.

However, we are here for you if you are unsure how to respond to this question when a girl asks you this question. Let’s help you figure it all out today.

What are some qualities you look for in a girl?

Are you new to the world of relationships and dating, or are you merely crushing on someone? Regardless of what phase of this world of romance you have entered, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

First, you should be respectful when they ask you this question. You can be cheeky and flirty, and that’s alright. However, there’s a fine line between cringe and creep and healthy flirt.

Besides, you don’t want to blow off your chances by commenting on someone’s body type! Let’s not go that way in the present day and age.

We know you are probably sweating buckets making perfect replies to impress them! We want you to know that the answers are simple!

You see these girls as your potential girlfriends or wives if we are guessing correctly! Hence, you know what you see in them! Please point out the qualities that make them stand out and be a smooth talker, and there you have your responses.

We will teach you how to create perfect responses in the section below. Thus, make sure you check them out and come up with some of your own too!

She should know how to live in the moment and enjoy it!

Guys like you don’t like girls who shut themselves in their rooms or overreact to everything. Well, a little drama is acceptable because why now, but singing the same tune every single day can be annoying!

She must be ambitious.

You might not even have a type when it comes to their looks but what about an ambitious woman? If you like a woman who challenges your thoughts and fights their own battles, then that’s the quality you desire in your girl.

I love girls who make me laugh.

People forget to smile and laugh nowadays, and the world isn’t getting any easier either, isn’t it? So, at times like these, a person who you can call yours can fill your day with laughter and warmth; what else do you need?

I love girls who get along with my friends.

A girl can make or break a friendship, and we all agree to it! So, if your friend is important to you, then, of course, you would look into this aspect of a girl!

She must be family-oriented

Are you a family-first kind of person? Of course, if you are family-oriented, then you would want someone who is equally respectable and loving towards them, if not more!

I love trustworthy and mature girls.

Yes, these qualities are a no-brainer, right? You cannot think of a lifelong commitment with someone you don’t trust! Moreover, do you really want to welcome tantrums and drama in your life by going after immature individuals?

What do you NOT want in a girl?

Every man has a visual idea of the girl of their dreams, right? Your definition of a perfect girl will not be similar to someone else’s.

Our definition of perfection varies, but there are things that guys have in common. Some qualities are major turn-offs, and there is no way anyone wishes those in their potential partners!

So, the next time someone tries to set you up and asks “what you see in a girl’, start with what you absolutely loathe in girls!

Manipulative ones are a NO!

Nobody wants a vile and manipulative woman in their life! Little silly mind games are not everyone’s cup of tea, and let’s not encourage it either.

I can’t handle obsessed and possessive girls.

Your girl has the right to be a little clingy and obsessed with you, and that is cute. But an excess of everything is toxic.

So, if being obsessed and possessive turns you off, then say so and stay away from such people.

She should not stress you out.

Imagine having a girl who is consistently suspicious of you! You might want to run away because they are a walking red flag!

I can’t handle overthinkers.

If you take things lightly and love to live like a free bird, then overthinking isn’t a quality you would want in your partner. So, you can say this out loud without worrying!

Closing thoughts

With this, we have decided to wrap up our blog. You know, a question like what you see in a girl from a girl can put you in a difficult spot.

You cannot run away without replying, but you don’t know how to reply too. But we just told you about some of the replies, and you better check them out to perfect your responses. Besides, we also added a few responses about what you don’t like in a girl.

We hope these replies have inspired you so that you can come up with even better responses. You can write some of them for us to read.

Please note that finding the “one” is a lifetime decision you make, so put in a lot of thought and then move ahead. You are building a life with a person, so considering little details is alright because nobody is going to live your life.

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