How to Respond to Wyd Text from a Guy

Dating in the 20th Century is like walking through a field hidden with landmines, marked with red flags (pun very much intended). The problem is that you often discover hidden, unmarked landmines you didn’t know about, which makes people reluctant to try them. And instead of trying to address and eliminate those inherently problematic tendencies present in some people, we decided to adapt to them. Yes, we’re betting evolution isn’t sounding good right now.

respond to wyd text from a guy

You see, to avoid having to deal with the flaws of their significant others, the younger generation decided to do away with the tradition. The hookup culture is the new jam, and people are here for it. Instead of connecting with others like we’re meant to, people are not operating solely on their physical needs.

It doesn’t even sound beneficial, no matter how you twist it. Our brains are made to socialize and form meaningful memories and connections. If we focus on our animalistic needs only and ignore our secondary needs, it’s obviously affecting our mental health.

The thing is, the issues don’t start showing until it’s too late. If you’re following this culture or thinking about doing so, we’d advise against it. Sure, it’s okay a few times, but you should keep an eventual goal for a long-term relationship where you’ll get to know someone you like.

We know it won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile comes easy. It’s frustrating to know that after one point, all you can do is wait for them to come into your life while you try to keep up. So, for that time, it’s integral to know how to flirt with potential hookups.

All generations have their method of flirting: from love letters to pulling your hair and telling their friends about you, we’ve seen it all. After the pandemic and even before that, younger Millennials and Gen Z seem to love online dating. They like to ensure that they’re spending their energy on the real deal, and that’s very smart.

Today’s blog will discuss how you can respond to a “wyd” text from a guy.

How to Respond to Wyd Text from a Guy

Texting might be one of the most frequent activities teenagers indulge in, but it’s still uncharted territory. Even little punctuation or lack of emojis can make a flirty message appear cold, rude, or simply dumb.

One needs to remember many things before starting a texting thread with someone you wish to impress, like a crush. Let’s take, for instance, our topic for today: how can you respond when they start a conversation with WYD?

Let’s first discuss what WYD means and why they might send you this message.

WYD means “what you doing.” Its formal meaning is literally asking you what you’re doing at the moment, but casually, it’s seen differently. On text, it’s more of a greeting than anything, as a way to start a conversation.

You aren’t necessarily expected to tell the other person exactly what you’re doing, especially if you’re doing something boring. You can reply with anything: your life, something that happened today, something you like, or an unusual fact.

There’s just one restriction; it should not be boring. And even then, it depends on what the bond between the two of you is and your inside jokes. So, as long as you’re yourself and flirting lightly, they’ll love it.

Now, let’s see why a guy might text you WYD out of the blue. It seems absurd if they’re texting you like this without any reason. They may want to invite you to hang out or ask something they need, which is understandable.

But if it looks like they seem to enjoy talking to you and learning more about you, it’s obvious; they’re interested in you, too! Think about it: would you ever randomly send someone a message for no reason? No, right?

So, since you can escalate this situation to where you want, let’s utilize it to the fullest. Let’s discuss some responses you can apply in this situation when a guy asks you WYD.

Here’s how to respond when your crush texts you WYD

Let’s get to it: what are the best responses to get your crush hooked instantly?

Nothing exciting, but I just watched this amazing YouTube video; you HAVE to check it out! It’ll open the door to future conversations and show you’re a positive person, always looking for good things to watch and share.

I just finished watching Bridgeton Season 2 on Netflix and I. Am. Shook. I’d highly recommend watching it like right now lol. Also, have you got a recommendation for me?

Bridgeton is a regency romance well-known for the palpable chemistry among the cast. Suggesting such a series will indicate that you’re interested in them. Additionally, they’ll think about you the entire time they see it.

It doesn’t need to be Bridgeton: any romance movie or show will work.

Well, I was listening to music while catching up on laundry. By the way, have you heard Gorgeous by Taylor Swift? You totally should; it’s such a bop!  The concept is the same, but instead of a show that might take days to watch, you recommend a song they can listen to immediately and react! Remember to ask for their favorite song, too, and ask it in a way that makes them realize you care about it.

Instead of going, what’s your favorite song? try something like

What’s that one song you’ll never tell anyone you listen to?

What song/album do you think sums up your personality?

The answer to all three questions is the same, but how you ask them makes a big difference.

Wondering when you’re going to ask me out.

A bit direct, but guys love nothing more. Be direct, and let them know what you want. The worst thing they can say is no, right? But we understand this one’s not for everyone, so keep reading!

Playing with this attention-loving lady/gentleman -meet Polo! [insert picture of pet].

A cute pet is a way to anyone’s heart and the topic of many adorable conversations!

Well, I could be doing you, but it looks like you playin’.

We know, we know, but it’s so good, though! It’ll work extremely well on most people because this line oozes confidence. You know what you want, but you’re getting impatient, so you thought you’ll let them know -what’s more attractive than this mindset?

Ugh! This homework is killing me. Wanna hang out?

An innocent way to initiate a hangout with them.

Your Majesty, it appears that for some unfathomable reason, sleep eludes me this night. Might I ask what tasks have occupied you till this late hour when you should be resting?

If they send this message at night or if you see it at night, this mockingly Old-English response will get a laugh out of them and help start a late-night chat.

Well, even I don’t know what I’m doing because I can’t stop thinking about you.

If you hung out with them last night or recently, this would be an available response. But bear in mind that it works best if you match this personality. It’s also extremely vulnerable; only use it if you’re positive they’re worth it.

Here’s how to NOT respond to WYD text from a guy

Now that you know what you can say, we hope you won’t get anxious and slip up. But in all honesty, you can say whatever comes to your mind. If this guy happens to like you, he won’t care about what you’re saying.

Still, avoiding some extremely basic and boring responses won’t hurt, right? Even if they like you, wouldn’t you want them to enjoy talking to you? All you need is to steer clear of a few generic answers they already expect. Surprise them with your wit.

Don’t reply with nothing, WYD? It’s the driest reply ever, a silent but deadly conversation killer. It shows you have nothing interesting to say, so you’re passing the ball to them. We all have experienced that instant turn-off when we have to search for topics to speak about.

Don’t even think about just chilling, you? or nothing, just texting you. So boring it can even make them fall asleep immediately. If you think these are the only answers you have for them, it’s best not to reply.

In conclusion

We hope you’ve found the answer to your question today.

It can seem intimidating and confusing when a guy texts you WYD because you’re supposed to answer with something good. Even though they were the ones to start with the driest question in all of Sahara, you must keep it going.

Don’t worry because that’s what we’re here to help you with. The good news is, you can say anything in response to WYD; choose something interesting and watch the hours of conversations unroll!

If we’ve missed any great responses, let us know in the comments below!

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