How to Disable Explore on Instagram (Turn Off Explore Page Instagram)

Instagram Without Explore Page: Instagram is most likely a platform that comes to mind right away if you appreciate social media and its variety of content. The app has almost clocked millions of active users because of this reason. There is an extensive range of users, brands, and influencers on the platform, and each shares amazing things to look out for.

remove explore feature from instagram

And for all users, the explore page is like a cornerstone of Instagram since it is where all the miracles of posts unfold. Since the posts are tailored depending on our app activities, including our likes and followings, it is obviously personalized to each user.

Thus, it is essentially like having a private community filled with people who are posting stuff that is exclusively for you.

This page contains everything Instagram believes you’d like to see. It presents a collection of images, snippets, and other videos to engage in. Additionally, the information also originates from accounts that you do not follow.

In a way, the explore feature aids in your continual discovery of new things depending on your interests.

However, don’t we occasionally become weary of the monotonous posts on explore page features?

At times like this, all we want to do is turn off explore page on Instagram.

Since the explore feature is a crucial constituent of Instagram, you cannot, under any circumstances, delete it. Well, you can ignore the feature if you don’t like it.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the possibility of removing explore page on Instagram.

Can You Remove Explore Page on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you can’t remove explore page on Instagram since it is a core feature of Instagram. However, you can reset the explore page and also mute the posts that you are not interested in. Like if you see a post you don’t like, you can choose to see fewer posts like it.

How to Disable Explore on Instagram (Turn Off Explore Page)

What is the one thing you check on Instagram after seeing your friends’ posts and stories?

We believe that Instagram’s explore page gets the top rank in this because it is so highly addictive. So, tell us, do you need to maintain your most current fascination concealed from your friends? But what if they seem to love surfing your explore section lately?

We can show you how to freshen up your explore feature content if it sounds good to you. If you’re ready, we suggest that you reset the explore feature. You should first clean out your search history! Yes, you did read that right.

Haven’t you seen the same dress popping up in your recommendations that you searched for a while ago? The reason for this is that the searches you run have a profound influence on your explore section. Isn’t this the prevailing explanation for most social media?

Simply put, this is how algorithms work. As a result, whatever you search for on Instagram, it will indeed record it and show related results.

Method 1: Clear Search History (Block Explore Page on Instagram)

Step 1: Run the official Instagram app on your device and go to your profile by tapping the profile icon at the bottom right.

Step 2: Do you see the hamburger icon at the top right on your page? Click on it.

Step 3: Your activity must be one of the options in the list on the screen, tap on it.

Step 4: There is an option titled Recent searches; click on it.

Step 5: Here, tap on the Clear all option and confirm the action by tapping it again when the confirmation box appears.

Upon doing so, everything you have searched for in the main search bar will be deleted.

Method 2: Customizing the Explore Page

We now know that Instagram gives out fresh posts daily to Instagrammers, so they are happy. There may be occasions, too, when you stumble upon topics that are useless to you. 

Maybe your brother watched all those players on the app using your phone, so all you can see now is games, and these players you cannot recall the name of. 

It’s time to modify your explore page slightly if something akin happens to you so that you don’t stray from your interests.

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