Why Can’t i See Mutual Followers on Instagram? (Explained)

Instagram Not Showing Mutual Followers: Instagram is among the few social media platforms that have managed to win over every social media user. This photo-sharing app is undoubtedly a dream, with so many features and a simple user interface.

why can't i see mutual followers on instagram

Did you know that there are currently over 2 billion active monthly users on this social media powerhouse? So, what are you doing if you haven’t signed up for it yet? Just go ahead and do it now, and you’ll get to reap the benefits.

Well, it is quite reasonable to say that the app is becoming increasingly popular for the best of reasons. You will see that this platform hardly ever runs out of entertaining content, even if you spend hours lounging on your couch in the comfort of your own home. Besides, we naturally have many friends who we follow since there is a huge community on the app. So, we know that the number of total followers on this platform grows as time passes and new users sign up, correct?

Today’s blog will address one of the app’s significant queries regarding mutual followers that many users seem to have. We will address the question: Why I can’t see my mutual followers on Instagram? So, remain with us through the end to learn everything there is to know if you are keen to learn more about the topic.

What are Mutual Followers on Instagram?

Well, if you are confused by the term mutual, don’t be. We say this because what we refer to as common friends in real life is what Instagram refers to as mutual. Therefore, when you and your friend share common friends, that friend is referred to as a mutual friend.

According to Instagram lingo, mutual following refers to when you and another person follow the same account. Instagram does a great job of providing a list of mutual followers who follow you and your friend on the app so that you can follow them too. Let us check out the sections below to find out why can’t you see this list on Instagram.

Why Doesn’t Instagram Show All Mutual Followers?

You’re visiting a private Instagram account

We all know that Instagram provides us the freedom to make our accounts public so that anyone can view them. There is also a choice to keep it private if you don’t want to allow anyone outside your followers to view your account.

Well, so make sure that their profiles are public before claiming that you cannot see mutual followers between you and some other user on the app. You should know that the entire list of mutual followers won’t be available to you if the account is set to private.

So, when you head to their private profiles, you will see: followed by username and x others. Only a few people will be listed under “followed by you” if you click on it.

It follows that Instagram is withholding the information from you. You must follow the account in order to view the whole list of their mutual followers on the site if you still want to see it.

Steps to follow someone on Instagram:

Step 1: Open Instagram and tap on the magnifying glass icon to go to Instagram’s inbuilt search bar.

why can't i see mutual followers on instagram

Step 2: Enter the name of the person whose account you wish to follow. Tap on their names when they appear in the search result.

why can't i see mutual followers on instagram

Step 3: You will see the Follow button on the person’s profile. Tap on it to send them a follow request on the app.

why can't i see mutual followers on instagram

You don’t follow the person anymore

We all, at times, wish to find mutual followers between our and our friend’s accounts, right? And it is quite easy to do so as well. But what happens if one day you find yourself without access to this list?

You might question why you can’t view mutual followers on the app right now. We must inform you that if either you or your friend decides to stop following someone, they will no longer be regarded as a mutual friend. Therefore, it’s possible that you unfollowed some users on the app. It might also happen that the only users you follow are those who your friend doesn’t follow.

You won’t be able to see any mutual followers on Instagram if that is the case. Therefore, you must both follow them on the app in order for the individual to reappear on the list.

There is an in-app glitch

Well, you should watch out for in-app glitches if none of the causes listed above account for the absence of your mutual follower list. Any social media program can occasionally experience glitches, which can cause inconveniences for a short period of time.

So, another reason why you can’t see your mutual followers on Instagram is that there are bugs on the app. You can log out of the app and turn off your device if that is the case. Restart your smartphone and sign into Instagram once more to see if the issue is fixed. You can also try reinstalling the app to see if that might work in your favor.

In the end:

As we come to a close with this blog, why don’t we quickly review what we have learned thus far? So, we talked about the widely used social media site Instagram. We responded to a frequently asked query on that app: Why can’t I see mutual Instagram followers?

We listed three causes for this problem. To begin, we stated that the Instagram profile you are currently seeing is private. Second, we elaborated on the fact that you no longer follow the individual. Finally, we talked about a glitch in the app that might be the cause of the problem.

We hope you find the issue that your Instagram account has faced and recover it quickly. You can also check our website for such blogs if you are interested. Please forward this blog to anyone else who might be interested in learning the answers to this topic.

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