How to Log Into Someone’s Instagram Account Without Password

A generation like ours can barely fathom going a full day without using Instagram. It’s unimaginable to do away with the platform since it has become a major part of our personal and professional lives. Every day, a large number of users download the app as interest in it develops. However, having a large user base also exposes your account to a variety of users, not all of whom are trustworthy. Thus, protecting your account becomes absolutely essential!

log into someone’s instagram account without password

However, there are instances when our family members could be exposed as a consequence of certain activities on Instagram. Yet, if for some reason they choose not to inform you of what is happening, you are entitled to handle the situation yourself.

You might want to log into their account to check if anything bothering them is related to their Instagram, right? But how do you make this work? Let us check it out in the blog below!

How to Log Into Someone’s Instagram Account Without Password

You’ll see some of the techniques in this section for gaining access to someone’s Instagram account without their password.

Parents occasionally need confirmation that their children aren’t engaging in bad deeds. Even grownups check their significant other’s account to see if they are cheating on them.

In the sections below, let’s look at some methods through which we can pull this off.

Guessing the password

We believe that if you have a nagging feeling about your child’s online behavior, you can try to guess their password on Instagram. Consider all the passwords they could have used.

People frequently use the names of their families or things they like when creating passwords. You might also use a name and birthday combination. Try using their phone’s pin if you know; you never know, and you might be successful.

When we are trying to login into the account of someone we already know, guessing passwords is a little bit smoother. But if we don’t know the person, it can be challenging and would also need some considerable hacking skills.

So, if you’re having trouble guessing, try some of the other techniques we have mentioned below.

Using third-party spy apps

Social networking is incredibly beneficial to society in many ways. But that does not imply that a dependency on it is risk-free.

Additionally, today’s popular apps like Instagram are not just popular among adults; even children use them. Parents frequently become concerned, and it only makes sense that they would want to monitor their kids’ activity on the app.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation, fortunately, third-party spying apps are available to help.

Why not let mSpy handle the work for you if you don’t want to look intrusive in front of your children?

Simply install it on your child’s device, and the app will operate in stealth mode. All you need to do now is access your control panel/dashboard to check your kid’s Instagram account from anywhere at any time. You can also try Cocopspy or Spyera for the same.

Getting access to their browser-based password managers

Everyone is aware of browser-based password managers. In reality, the majority of us—if not all—use it to save our online profile passwords.

These password managers are a practical method to manage your passwords, but they come with drawbacks that might be handy for you. You no longer need to input the password when opening Instagram in a web browser. Since the browser has a copy of your password saved on its servers, you enter it automatically.

You can quickly connect to someone’s Instagram without a password if the person has left their devices in your care. If they frequently use the Instagram web version, try to enter their account from there, and the password will be auto-filled.

Try resetting their password

Like other social networking platforms, Instagram offers strong security measures, one of which is the ability to set your own password. But people commonly choose weak passwords or feel the need to reset them. So, the app makes it simple to do so as well.

To reset someone’s password, you need to have access to their email address. Check out the steps below to implement the plan if you have it.

Steps to reset the password on Instagram:

Step 1: On their mobile browser, enter Instagram.

Step 2: Do you see the option called Forgot password? Tap on it.

log into someone’s instagram account without password

Step 3: You will see the Trouble logging in page. Enter the person’s email address here.

log into someone’s instagram account without password

Step 4: Tap on Send Login Link option.

log into someone’s instagram account without password

Step 5: Head to the person’s registered email address. Tap on the Reset your password link.

log into someone’s instagram account without password

Step 6: Create a strong password. In the field, enter the New password and enter it again to confirm.

Step 7: Tap on the Reset password button.

There you go, you have access to their Instagram account!

Using your social engineering skills

Finally, if none of the preceding options work for you, you can turn to your experience with social engineering. Do you know what this term means?

Well, the term is often presented in a bad light. But please remember that any ethical hacker and security expert must also know it. And as long as you are using it wisely, there isn’t anything wrong with it. You can trick someone into giving information like their username and password. You can pretend to be from a respected company to accomplish this task.

If you know the individual, send the link to them via email or direct message (DM) and tell them that you received it from another user on the app. Alternatively, you can finish this activity by setting up a false account.

You must be clear that the technique is demanding and that practice is necessary to execute it skillfully.

In the end

In this blog, we discussed how to log into someone’s Instagram account without password.

We discussed in-depth guessing the password and testing out third-party spy apps. We also talked about accessing their browser-based password managers, resetting the password, and finally, using social engineering techniques.

Which of our advised techniques did you find to be useful?

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