Does One Grey Tick on Whatsapp Mean Receiver’s Phone is Off?

Are you someone who checks their phones first thing in the morning? If so, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey we’ve conducted among over 1,000 netizens, it was found that over 90% of them follow the same routine early morning. And if you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense as well. Whether or not your work takes place in front of a screen, all the updates regarding it will only come to your phone, won’t they? Teenagers check their social media in the morning, while adults go for WhatsApp or Gmail first; but they all need their phones.

does one grey tick on whatsapp mean receiver’s phone is off

We’re so consumed by our habit of keeping our phones at arm’s reach at all times that it has made us completely dependent on them. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like turn off your smartphone and just live in the moment for a while? If you have, it’s not difficult to perceive why others might want it, too.

So, if your WhatsApp messages to someone have only one grey tick beneath them, does it mean that the smartphone of the recipient might be turned off? Stick with us till the end of the blog to explore this – and other possible – scenarios behind your one grey tick on WhatsApp.

Does One Grey Tick on Whatsapp Mean Receiver’s Phone is Off?

Before addressing your question directly, let’s first give you a little background information on the grey ticks of WhatsApp. There are two kinds of grey ticks that you can find below your messages on the platform: one is a single grey tick, and the other is double grey tick.

A single grey tick indicates that your message has been sent to the recipient from your end, but they haven’t received it yet. On the other hand, double grey ticks symbolize the fact that your message has been received by the recipient, but they haven’t read it yet.

However, in case this person has turned their read receipts off, double grey ticks are all you’ll see below your messages sent to them, even after they’ve read it.

Now, coming back to one grey tick on WhatsApp, could it mean that the recipient’s smartphone is turned off? Well, yes, it’s one possibility behind the appearance of one grey tick. But it’s not the only one; keep reading to explore what other possibilities could be behind this tick.

Other possibilities that one grey tick on WhatsApp signifies

In the last section, we talked about how if your WhatsApp message to someone has a single grey tick, it could mean that the recipient’s phone is turned off at the moment.

We also mentioned that this isn’t the only possibility behind the appearance of a single grey tick below your WhatsApp messages.

Are you ready to explore the other possibilities now? Here we go!

#1: They could’ve blocked you on the platform

We understand that even considering this possibility could be heart-breaking for some of you, but it’s better to face reality than to continue living in an illusion, isn’t it?

A single grey tick could also be a sign that the recipient could’ve blocked you on the platform. Because WhatsApp respects the privacy of its users, it doesn’t directly notify you upon being blocked.

However, if you’re really paying attention, you’ll notice how the signs of being blocked are quite obvious on the platform, one of them being a single grey tick.

To confirm if you’ve really been blocked, you can check their display picture to check if it’s still visible to you. Other telltale signs include your calls not reaching them, their continued absence from your status’s viewers list, and so on.

Pro-tip: Using a mutual link on WhatsApp is another great way of figuring out if you’ve been blocked quickly.

#2: They could have uninstalled WhatsApp from their device

As you must be aware, in order to receive a WhatsApp message, a user must have the mobile app installed on their phone. So, if your messages to someone have only a single grey tick below, it could also mean that perhaps they no longer have the app installed on their device.

Now, whether they’ve uninstalled WhatsApp to seek a digital cleanse or are on an extended vacation is up to them. You can always call them up and inquire about it if you have their phone number.

#3: They could be in a low internet connectivity area

One important requirement for any WhatsApp message to go through is strong internet connectivity. You must not forget that this instant-message-supporting platform runs on the internet, and while connectivity might not be a problem for you, it can be for other people.

Just the other week, one of our team members took a leave to tend to their ill relatives; as soon as they reached their hometown, their internet connectivity went down and stayed that way all the time they were there.

Such a thing could happen to anyone else just as easily, which is why it’s an essential consideration to keep in mind. To verify this, you can also try reaching out to them on a second social media platform where you’re connected.

A quick recap

As we come to the end of our blog, let’s quickly revisit everything new you’ve learned today before parting ways.

Our discussion today was centered around the indispensable role of smartphones in our lives. We addressed the concern of why your messages to someone would have only one grey tick, and explained if it could mean that the recipient’s phone was off. Then, we moved on to talk about WhatsApp, an instant-messenger app that almost every smartphone owner in the world uses.

Moving forward, we’ve also added other possibilities behind the single grey tick. Have we missed something? Tell us how we can do better in the comments section below!

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