How to Know If Someone Uninstalled Whatsapp

Is your friend not replying to your messages on WhatsApp? Or worse, are they not showing up lately? Do the messages remain in the Sent status and never get delivered? If your answer to these questions is affirmative, chances are high that your friend has uninstalled WhatsApp from their phone. We can’t ever seem to be fed up with this messaging app, can we? WhatsApp has enabled us to message or call anyone anytime within seconds, making the distance between people disappear in a few taps. It’s no wonder that WhatsApp has been ruling our habits for years.

know if someone uninstalled whatsapp

Due to this very reason, it feels a bit weird when one of your contacts stops showing up on WhatsApp. You suddenly notice that this person hasn’t messaged you for the last few days. And you start wondering if they have uninstalled the app.

But as it turns out, WhatsApp doesn’t explicitly tell you when someone uninstalls the app. So, how can you find it out? How to know, for sure, that the person is just not using WhatsApp, has uninstalled the app, or deleted their account? Let’s discover the answer to these questions in this blog.

How to Know If Someone Uninstalled Whatsapp

We’ll tell you straight away. WhatsApp has no secret option to tell you if anyone has uninstalled WhatsApp from their phones.

The messaging app doesn’t send you any notifications. But it also doesn’t let you know directly– in any other way– that your friend has uninstalled WhatsApp. In other words, there’s no way to know for sure that someone has uninstalled WhatsApp.

Wait. We said it is not possible to know if someone has uninstalled their WhatsApp app. But did we say that it’s impossible to get any idea?

Of course not. There might not be direct ways. But there are always ways around a problem whenever a direct solution doesn’t exist. And this is true for WhatsApp as well. Let’s find out how you can find it out.

Want to know if someone uninstalled WhatsApp? Look out for these indications:

Whenever someone uninstalls WhatsApp from their phone, it doesn’t lead to any immediate consequences.

In fact, nothing really happens at all! Uninstalling WhatsApp is practically the same as force-stopping or disabling it so that it doesn’t get access to your phone’s data.

Even if you uninstall the app, your account is still there as before. And nothing really happens. All the pieces of your account information, including your profile photo, account name, About text, and privacy settings, remain unaltered– just the way you left them.

The only thing that happens is that you can’t receive or send messages anymore.

Because of the lack of any major consequences, it’s not easy to detect if someone has uninstalled WhatsApp. However, you can resort to three things that indicate that someone has uninstalled WhatsApp from their phone.

Here are the three indicators:

1. Last seen:

This is the most obvious reason to wonder if someone has uninstalled their WhatsApp account. If you find that the Last Seen status of the person is too old, it clearly shows that they have not opened their WhatsApp app for a long time.

Now, if the person used to be very active on WhatsApp but has suddenly disappeared within the last few days, it is likely that they have uninstalled the app for some reason. The older the Last Seen status, the higher the chances of uninstallation.

However, the Last Seen status can’t be enough to determine anything with certainty.

2. Message delivery status:

Another factor that might indicate the absence of WhatsApp on a person’s phone is the message delivery status.

If you notice that your messages are lately not getting delivered to the person, it usually indicates that the person’s WhatsApp is not connected to the internet. But if this happens for an extended period– days or weeks– it likely means that there’s more to it than the usual reason.

A single tick means your message has been sent but has not been delivered. If you notice only a single tick on the messages you have sent for the last few days, it might indicate an uninstalled WhatsApp.

3. Other social media accounts:

The first two indications can hint at an uninstalled account. But they are usually of little help if the supposed uninstallation has occurred recently.

But there is another, better way to make a decision. If you are connected with the person on another social media platform other than WhatsApp, you can use the platform to check whether the person has uninstalled WhatsApp.

If you are friends with a person on another platform, say Telegram, you can simultaneously send the same message on WhatsApp and Facebook.

If they see your message and reply on Telegram, it might mean that they have uninstalled WhatsApp.

How to Know if someone deleted WhatsApp?

Now, this is something you can easily determine. Unlike uninstalling WhatsApp, deleting your WhatsApp account is a serious action. And it directly affects the user’s account and everything associated with it.

If a person has deleted their WhatsApp account, the following things will happen:

1. You won’t be able to find them on your WhatsApp Contacts even if you have saved their number.

2. If you have chatted with them before, their chat will be visible on the Chats screen. But their profile picture will turn blank.

3. There won’t be any About section or name on their profile.

4. Any messages you send will have a single tick.

In the end

WhatsApp doesn’t inform or notify you when someone uninstalls the app from their phone. But by observing some indications like Last Seen or message delivery status, you can probably find out if the person has uninstalled their WhatsApp.

Or, as mentioned above, you can take the help of another app to decide whether WhatsApp has really been removed from the person’s phone. However, in the case of account deletion, you can easily find out by looking for the indications mentioned above.

Finding whether someone has uninstalled their WhatsApp is not easy. But it is very easy to tell us your thoughts about this blog! Just drop your comments and tell us what you liked or disliked.

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