How to See Someone’s Facebook Feeds Without Being Friends

Do you ever log out of Facebook only to reopen it minutes later because you are just that smitten with the app? Yes, we know because we are under the same umbrella.  Many of us keep a Facebook window running on our devices in the background so we can access it whenever we’re bored! There is just so much to do on the platform, right?  You can scroll and share memes with friends or chat and video call people close to your heart but far in the distance. The app is typically regarded as one of the social media industry’s powerhouses, and its features have proven to be rewarding.

see someone’s facebook feeds without being friends

Facebook has been in our lives for over a decade, but we still have questions that need answers. We will discuss one of the questions Facebook users frequently ask in the blog.

Do you wonder how to see someone’s Facebook feeds without being friends on the platform? Well, what are you waiting for? Please stick by us until the end to get the answers you want to know!

How to See Someone’s Facebook Feeds Without Being Friends

The basic rule to see someone’s Facebook feed is to be friends with them. Facebook users are aware of sending friend requests to a person they wish to be in contact with on the platform. This makes seeing someone’s Facebook feed without being friends a little more tricky than you would have hoped.

But we won’t say that there is no room for adjustments! We have divided our explanations into sections below, so make sure to read them.

Trick #1: Private Facebook accounts

Facebook is a privacy-friendly app that offers users several ways to maintain their privacy at any given time. Individuals regularly set their Facebook accounts to private on the network to prevent unauthorized users from viewing their feeds. Therefore, you should be aware of your limited possibilities if you want to view someone’s Facebook feeds but their account is set to private.

Any public settings on the target person’s Facebook page are likely covered as well. Therefore, you should send them a friend request if you want to see their Facebook feeds.

People previously employed a number of tricks to get past Facebook’s privacy gates. But the majority of these loopholes have been patched by the company.

The multi-layered security on the platform ensures there is no seepage of information when people set their accounts to private. But we will let you know how to see private Facebook feeds if you still wish to know how to do it.

Trick #2: Creating a fake Facebook account

People often resort to creating a fake Facebook account if they want to break into someone’s Facebook profile without being recognized. There are reasons you don’t wish to be friends with the target person on the app, right?

You can create a fake account and make it believable enough for them to accept your friend request. You can easily look into their Facebook feeds in this way without being friends from your main account.

Trick #3: Using a friend’s account

Creating a fake account might be easy, but not all of us want it, right? Moreover, it feels like we are stalking those people, and perhaps not all of us are fine with the idea. Well, your mutual friends can come to your aid in those cases.

We might share multiple common friends with other users on the platform. They might be following the target individual, which will make the task easy for us. You can use your common friend’s account in order to see their Facebook feeds freely.

Trick #4: Third-party apps

Private profile viewers from third parties are quite popular and simple to locate on the internet. Note that some of these apps only need access to a person’s iCloud credentials if they are apple owners.

Additionally, you will need to manually install these applications on your target audience’s phones if they are Android users.

The apps work in stealth mode, so you remain stress-free about being caught. You can go ahead with mSpy, eyeZy, or uMobix if you cannot seem to decide which apps can be helpful. You can sync both your devices and head to the dashboard or control panel to see their Facebook feeds.

This is usually the extreme measure people take when they want to spy on a person. You cannot use the method on any random internet people. Besides, following the method is also difficult if you are not close enough to getting their phones or iCloud details.

Trick #5: Public Facebook accounts

Not all of us have private accounts on Facebook, right? You can spot multiple Facebook pages on the platform.

Business pages are mainly open to the public so that the target audience can come and view their products and services. You can follow these pages to never an update about their posts.

Some users update their personal profile visibility settings so that everyone can see them. Of course, you can’t just browse their feeds without being friends.

However, these profiles allow you to view their profile picture and limited information on their profile. Many users prefer to make their posts public so that anybody else using the app may see them.

In the end

Let us review the key takeaways of the blog now that the discussion has come to an end, shall we? We discussed one of the questions Facebook users have. We address, “How to see someone’s Facebook feeds without being friends?”

We have provided you with a detailed explanation in the blog, so we hope you go through it closely. You can create fake accounts, use a mutual friend’s account or get a third-party app for help in case the person has a private account. We also talked about business pages and public posts.

We hope that our explanations were clear to you. We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Make sure to follow us for more such how-to tutorials.

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