How to Fix Your Account Has Been Locked Facebook (Recover Locked Facebook)

Facebook has become a one-stop platform for people who want to share fun content and stories of their lives with their families and friends. Not only for sharing content but Facebook is considered the most reliable platform for those who want to stay connected with their loved ones and colleagues.

your account has been locked

With a large volume of data uploaded on the platform regularly, Facebook has taken several steps to improve its security by implementing the guidelines and steps for data protection and security. The main issue people face here is that they get locked out of the platform. People are not sure how to unlock their Facebook accounts.

One thing you must note is that Facebook might disable your account anytime they want without a prior warning. They could also restrict your use. There can be many reasons why you might get the message that says “Your account has been locked”.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix your account has been locked on Facebook.

But before that, let’s discuss why Facebook locks your account.

Why Do Your Account Has Been Locked on Facebook?

The most common reason is failure to comply with the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines of Facebook.

your account has been locked facebook

In addition to that, you might be facing the error because you are logged into your Facebook account from different devices or your account has gotten hacked. Or, Facebook might simply lock your account because you violate its terms and conditions.

Maybe, you got into the phishing issue. You used a fake link to sign in to your Facebook account and a criminal got access to your Facebook. That’s when Facebook might lock your account.

Here are a few other reasons why Facebook can lock your account:

  • Facebook has detected unusual activities on your account, which might pose a high level of threat for other users. For example, publishing illegal content or harassing others.
  • You have joined 200+ groups on Facebook. Social networking has put a restriction on the number of groups you can have. If you go beyond that limit, your account will be locked or disabled.
  • You have sent a follow request to more than 5,000 users.
  • Last but not least, your Facebook account might get locked because a user reported your account as fake and they requested its removal. It’s important to watch the content you are posting closely so that your account does not get banned.

How to Fix Your Account Has Been Locked Facebook (Recover Locked Facebook Account)

Mostly, Facebook locks your account due to the above-mentioned reason. But, if you are sure your account has been locked due to some other reason, reach out to their customer support team directly to get the issue addressed as soon as possible.

Fill out the online complaint form and forward it to Facebook. They will check and detect the issue. The only problem here is that the company does not guarantee to resolve the issue quickly, which means you might have to wait for their response. This may take a few days to several weeks.

If your account is locked because you forgot the username and password you used for creating the account, you can recover your account using your email, phone number, and other personal details. You can get your Facebook account back if you remember the security question you were asked when you had signed up for Facebook.

If you have a friend on Facebook that you trust, you could forward a nominated URL to them and use the security code you have received to get back your Facebook account. Once you have completed the security checks, you will have 24 hours to retrieve your account.

How to Avoid Getting Your Facebook Account Locked

As mentioned earlier, your Facebook account can be locked for many reasons. And, sometimes it could happen without any warning. So, with that said, it is really important that you watch your Facebook activities closely and pay special attention to the warnings.

Below listed are a few ways you can avoid getting your Facebook account locked. Let’s check them out:

  • Comply with Facebook’s terms & conditions and guidelines strictly.
  • Limit the total number of friend requests you send.
  • Never tap the links you receive on Facebook or emails from unknown people.
  • Install high-quality antivirus and malware software on your device.
  • Do not use Facebook to harass others or pose security threats.

Getting your Facebook account locked can be super frustrating, especially if you have shared a lot of your personal information with other users.

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