If You Call Someone and Hang Up on WhatsApp, Will They Know?

If you’re in a public space like a market or a café, turn around in a full circle. We can say with absolute certainty that everyone above 17 owns a smartphone and uses WhatsApp daily. How cool is that? Isn’t it so wild to think that out of all the things humans could have in common, WhatsApp is one of them? Nearly two billion people on this planet use WhatsApp: that’s one-fourth of the entire world population!

if you call someone and hang up on whatsapp, will they know

There are many reasons why users seem to favor WhatsApp above most other messaging platforms. From its versatile features and top-quality customer service, WhatsApp has won over internet users. Let’s discuss how this happened.

Launched in 2009, WhatsApp was created by two former Yahoo! employees. While it didn’t immediately gain traction in online stores, the consistent updates and addition slowly attracted the attention of users worldwide.

In 2014, the app had 500 million users, reportedly one million new users signing up daily. Mark Zuckerberg noticed the app’s potential and planned to acquire the app in February of that same year.

Post-Facebook acquisition, WhatsApp kept growing unstoppably. Today, India has the most monthly active WhatsApp users, with 309 million people using the app daily! The second country with the most WhatsApp users is Brazil, with 108 million users.

One of the main techniques using which WhatsApp has reached all this success is by constantly upgrading its interface according to its users’ needs. WhatsApp has done everything from audio and video calls to online transactions.

Another tiny detail people often seem to miss is WhatsApp’s easy-to-navigate user interface. You can figure out pretty much everything you want to do by yourself, if you have the time and patience.

Moreover, WhatsApp also adds a small tutorial after every update, explaining to the users how they can work around the changes made for their convenience on the platform. Doesn’t that sound so helpful?

If you still haven’t signed up on WhatsApp, then this is your sign to do so. Create groups with your best friends, upload stories about your day, and conduct conference video calls for the most efficient online conversations!

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss whether or not the other person finds out when you call them and hang up immediately. To learn all about it, stick with us until the end!

If You Call Someone and Hang Up on WhatsApp, Will They Know?

Calling someone on WhatsApp is useful when you can’t seem to be able to contact them directly through a call or when you’ve run out of talk time. However, it was common at the beginning for people to call their contacts accidentally since the call icon was close to the drop-down menu.

It’s common to wonder whether or not the other person will find out if you call them and then hang up immediately. The answer is yes; they will. Even if it rings for only a second, they will get a notification and a chat saying, “Missed voice call at [time].”

If you hang up within one second of calling them, when the call status is Calling rather than Ringing, there’s a slight chance you might still be able to get out of it. However, this is just an educated guess and isn’t guaranteed to work.

Moreover, what’s the point of calling them if they can’t see it, don’t you think? If you’ve accidentally called them without intending to do so, you can always tell them that it was an accident. Don’t worry; it happened to all of us at least once to all of us.

If someone sends me a message and I see it, will they know?

Isn’t it so annoying when you read an irritating person’s message accidentally and now have to reply to them, or they’ll get hurt? Trust us; we’ve all been there.

Well, let us tell you how it works. When someone else reads your message, you see the grey ticks at the corner of the message turn blue. Those are called read receipts. Let’s say you want to turn those read receipts off, so the other person never finds out whether or not they’ve seen your message. Thankfully, you actually can!

However, WhatsApp is a large social media platform that doesn’t believe in discrimination among its users and values their privacy above all else. So, if others can’t see your read receipts, you can’t see theirs, too.

We’d suggest going ahead with it because read receipts aren’t worth the overthinking they bring in. Turn off that toggle button, and it might just help you not care about their messages for real.

Here’s how to turn off read receipts on WhatsApp

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Step 2: The first screen that you’ll see is your Chats. You’ll see the three dots icon at the top right corner. Tap on it.

if you call someone and hang up on whatsapp, will they know

Step 3: A drop-down menu will appear. Tap on the last option on that menu called Settings. On the Settings page, tap on the first option called Account.

if you call someone and hang up on whatsapp, will they know

Step 4: Again, tap on the first item on the Account page called Privacy.

if you call someone and hang up on whatsapp, will they know

Step 5: Scroll down on the Privacy page to locate the Read receipts option with a toggle button next to it. By default, it is turned on. Turn it off, and you’re good to go.

if you call someone and hang up on whatsapp, will they know

In the end

As we end this blog, let’s recap all we’ve discussed today.

WhatsApp is a large social platform and runs on high efficiency. So, even if you only call someone for one second, there’s a good chance they’ll find out about it through the notifications. However, you shouldn’t stress too much over it because it happens to all of us. Explain the situation to them, and we’re sure they’ll understand.

Secondly, if you don’t want everyone to find out whether you’ve seen their message, we’ve got you there, too! All you need is to go to Settings and turn off your read receipts. Keep in mind that it works both ways, so you won’t be able to see if they’ve seen your message.

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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