How to Block Someone on Whatsapp Without Them Knowing

Friends are undeniably the most necessary parts of our lives. All of us have friends; only some of our circles are significantly larger than the others. But regardless of where you have ten or fifty friends, are you completely, brutally honest about how you feel about them with all of them? It’s highly unlikely.

block someone on whatsapp without them knowing

While you could be close enough with one or two friends to be able to stay completely truthful to them, such a thing cannot be practiced openly and for good reason. This is because all of us are humans and have flaws, but if someone else confronts us about these, we might not like it. The same is true about your friends. Even if you find some of them to be a little annoying or overbearing, you often refrain from pointing that out in order to save them from the hurt.

The digital example of it is wanting to cut people off from our social media handles without letting them know about it. Actions such as muting, archiving, and restricting are designed for exactly this purpose. But what about blocking others? Is it an action that can be kept from the person you’re doing it to?

That’s what we’re going to talk about in our blog today. Stick with us if you want to know more about how blocking works on WhatsApp and the possibility of doing it without the next person knowing.

How Does Blocking Works on WhatsApp?

Before we delve into how you could block someone without them knowing, let’s dig deeper into how blocking someone on WhatsApp works so that our basics are cleared from the start.

What does it mean to block someone on WhatsApp? Simply put, blocking is an act of severing all ties with the person in question. So, if you’ve blocked someone on WhatsApp, it indicates that you have no desire to engage or entertain this person on the platform at all, and want to take away all means of doing that from them.

So, what changes when you block someone on WhatsApp? Well, first and foremost, they’ll stop seeing your display picture, about, and active status (they’ll never find you online, even when you are). Moving ahead, they’ll also not be able to see any status you upload, no matter the customized setting.

Lastly, any messages and calls (both audio and video) you send their way will never go through. All the messages they send you will forever have just a single grey tick, never double-ticks or blue ticks. And when they call you, it will always show Calling to them, and never Ringing, even if you have a stable internet connection, which is the usual requirement.

Is it Possible to Block Someone on Whatsapp Without Them Knowing?

In the last section, we read about all the changes that occur when you block someone on WhatsApp. If you were paying attention so far, do you think it could be possible to block someone on the platform without them knowing? Because we certainly don’t.

Blocking is considered a private act on most social media platforms, including WhatsApp, which means that whenever you block someone, they’ll receive no notifications about it from the WhatsApp Team.

However, just because someone else wouldn’t tell them doesn’t mean they can’t figure it out on their own. And if you talk with them on WhatsApp often, there’s a strong possibility that they’ll do the figuring out within the first 2-3 days of you blocking them.

Wondering how they will do that? Let’s talk more about it in the next section.

Signs that could tip them off

Here are some major signs that could tip this person off about being blocked on WhatsApp, most of which you can gather yourself from the last section. Here you go:

  • Your display picture will be invisible to them.
  • Your activity (online) status and about will also not be seen by them.
  • They will be prohibited from seeing any status you upload.
  • All their messages to you will show only a single tick forever.
  • Any time they call you on WhatsApp, the call will never go through.

And if you’ve been talking to someone on WhatsApp continually, even one of these signs is enough to tip you off; the same is true for the next person.

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