Email Age Checker – Find When Email Address Was Created

Email ID is the most necessary thing one should have while working on a professional platform. However, nowadays, an Email ID is necessary to maintain accounts on personal platforms also. The location of the email address of the recipient, archived messages and email creation date is also mentioned if you follow these steps of locating the email address creation date.

email age checker

The most common methods of finding the date of email address creation are within the message and viewing in the email header. Nevertheless, these processes are simple whether you are using Outlook or web-based email.

How to Find When Email Address Was Created

Below are the steps that will let you know the process of Email creation date in any of the email account:

  • Open the web-browser.
  • Login into the web-based email account
  • It should even include Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail etc.
  • Tap on the folder that contains the email with the creation date you are finding.
  • By selecting and clicking the heading labelled “To”, the emails will be organized in an alphabetical manner.

If there are multiple emails, you will have to identify the original email that will consist of a reply itself. Click twice on the email and scroll down to the bottom to locate the creation date of the email by the sender. To find the creation date, view the email header along with other tracking information.

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