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When a student is admitted to educational institutes like a university or a college, they are given the EDU email address to receive all the educational emails in one place. Usually, this email is issued to students based in the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. Not only for students but institutes have also started to provide this email address to the workers too.

edu email generator

Like other email extensions, the EDU email address has the regular email format with the “.edu” extension. The format of the mail is as follows:

For all types of educational activities, you will receive the email at your Edu email address. Make sure that the email could not be altered in any manner once it is created. So, you must select the names carefully.

But what if you are not a student and looking for a free edu email address or sometimes an educational institution doesn’t provide it?

Don’t worry anymore.

We have created an EDU Email Generator by iStaunch tool that allows people to generate edu emails for free. Recently I have also shared all possible ways on How to Create .edu Email for Free in 2021.

First, we will discuss why you must have an EDU email and what exactly does it do.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

Why You Must Have .edu Email?

Edu email is mainly used by students that are looking for special offers on educational materials. Basically, students receive special offers, free services, and other promotional deals through edu email.

So, those who have the edu email will not only receive information from the administrators, but it is a perfect way to receive special offers and free services from college.

Whether you want to get discounts on shopping or promotional deals on school accessories and educational software, edu is your best bet. Some anti-virus companies offer special programs that come with discounts and deals. Only those with a valid edu email get these offers.

EDU Email Generator

The edu Email Generator by iStaunch is an online tool that allows you to generate edu emails for free and receive an email for a lifetime. You only need to enter your personal email address, and within 48 hours we will provide you a customized edu email address and password for free.

EDU Email Generator

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Note that generating an edu email is quite a complex process. Sometimes it takes more than 48 hours to generate, so be patient.

How to Generate EDU Email Address

  • Open the edu Email Generator by iStaunch.
  • Enter your personal email.
  • Tap on the Generate edu email button.
  • You receive an edu email account in a few days.
  • Next, set a password for your account.
  • There you go! Your Edu email is all set to be used.

Final Words:

I hope guys now you can easily generate edu emails for free with the help of EDU Email Generator by iStaunch. If you have any questions or suggestions then let us know in the comments section below.

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