How to Remove “Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video” on YouTube

We love watching videos. Yes, ever since the audio-visual medium was born, it has been the most popular media of all. Videos are not only interactive but can be so full of information as to bypass the same content published on any other available platforms. These videos were once only released on TVs, video players, and in movie halls before Youtube was launched. This video platform was a groundbreaking release that changed the fate of the video industry altogether. Youtube was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in 2005 and it soon topped the charts, emerging as the best online video sharing and social media platform.

restricted mode has hidden comments for this video

Youtube is even more revered now than it was ever and enjoys an almost unrivaled amount of popularity from all around the world. It is not only the best platform for sharing and uploading our own videos but is also a first-rate platform that ensures incredible marketing benefits.

Along with lending a stable and popular platform for our videos, Youtube also opens a whole host of opportunities for the influencers of today.

However, with such a platform that changes every other day to bring the best to its users, it’s increasingly tough to keep pace with the technology that is evolving every single minute. This often brings numerous challenges for the users of any app or software, including Youtube.

Among some of the prominent problems that the users get stuck day in and day out while they are on Youtube is when they find themselves in front of the error message that says “Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video”.

If you are one of the users who are baffled by the same error message or its kinds, then this is the right place. Here you will get all of the information that you need with regards to the same error message on Youtube.

Why are you seeing the error “Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video” on Youtube?

Are you trying to check the comment section of a particular YouTube video but you cannot, simply because you find an error that says, “Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video”?

You are getting the “Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video” error message on your YouTube either because you’ve got the Restricted Mode enabled on your device, or the system administrator has set the same in their network. Therefore, in either way, the error message means that the Restricted Mode has been enabled.

YouTube says that if the Restricted Mode is enabled for Google Workspace or G Suite, then the users couldn’t see the comments appearing on their videos.

Therefore, you need to know that you might find the comments section hidden on your videos if you have previously enabled the restricted mode for YouTube. This will also happen when someone else enables the restricted mode on your device and might result in hiding the comments as well.

Furthermore, in case you are trying to access YouTube from a school, library, or work computer, the system administrator might have enabled restricted mode for it. If that is the case with you, then you might better contact the admin.

Lastly, if you have connected to a VPN of any sort, then that might also infringe your Youtube access and thereby, hide the comments sections altogether.

How to Remove “Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video” on YouTube

You don’t need to worry about being stuck on the same error message over and over because here we will discuss the solution to get rid of the annoying error message on Youtube and walk you through some easy fixes that you can smartly apply.

If you want to remove the error message that pops up on the screen saying “Restricted Mode has hidden comments for this video” on YouTube, then there are a couple of things that you can do. The first thing that you can try is to disable the restricted mode on your device. Next, you can try to turn your VPN off. Furthermore, you can also try changing your DNS to

To introduce the restricted mode, you should know that if you have got the restricted mode enabled on your device, then you might not get the comments on Youtube videos.

But how would you disable the restricted mode in case it is already enabled?

1. Disabling the restricted mode on Youtube

These are some easy steps you can try that will help you disable the restricted mode without any hassles:

First, you need to launch your Youtube app or the website you are using to view Youtube. Next, you need to select your profile. Then, you need to navigate to Youtube Settings. Now, you need to find the option that says “turn off restricted mode”, once you find them you now need to choose the same and this will help you get rid of the error message too.

If you or someone else has left restricted mode enabled on YouTube in the past, then these steps would help you bring back the comments section and make your Youtube unrestricted. It is always wise to verify with the restricted mode on Youtube first, especially on these kinds of errors before moving on to other solutions.

In most devices, you can disable the restricted mode simply by going to your profile settings and toggling the switch off to switch it off.

Now, if you are using a computer and you cannot locate it, then here’s the process to disabling the restricted mode:

  • Click on the profile picture that you will get on the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Now, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the navigation menu.
  • Next, you need to go for the option, “Restricted Mode”.
  • Then you need to turn it off to fix the issue.

2. Disable it on your Android device

In case you are finding the same thing, then you’re probably dying for a definite solution that will help you get rid of the nightmarish error message that is up on your screen. However, you should also be aware of the fact that you are not alone in this simply because too many users have already been facing the same issue, and this is quite fixable.

Though you will find a lot of discussions on the internet about the same error message, most of them won’t let you bypass the error and many others would even aggravate your worries.

However, here we bring you 3 solutions that would be extremely effective in resolving the error.

This article compiles three solutions to fix the error that have worked for others.

By the end of the article, you should be able to view the comment section of any YouTube video again.

If you are wondering how to disable the restricted mode on your android device, then here are the steps you need to follow for the same:

  • Launch the YouTube app first on your device.
  • Now, you need to go to the top-right corner of your screen where you would find a More option or an option that comes with 3 successive dots
  • Next, you need to tap on that option, whichever it says on your device.
  • Then, you need to tap on the Settings option.
  • After that, you need to tap on the General option.
  • And finally, you will find the option to turn off the restricted mode that you can proceed with.

As soon as you will disable the restricted mode successfully, you should be able to see comments on the videos once again.

However, if the Restricted Mode isn’t enabled in the first place, you can use the next couple of methods instead.

In Conclusion:

Here we have researched the issue and ensured that you get simple ways to fix this troubling error message. Hope this article would be entirely helpful for you to resolve the issue on your Youtube account and bring everything back to normal.

In case all of these steps fail to get you the solution you need, then you should also check with your router or network settings because the restrictions might also be there on the Family Link app. Now, there might be such restrictions on your router as well if everything fails but then you can simply contact your network administrator to sort that out!

Anyways, thanks for visiting our article! We hope you enjoyed it! Good luck!

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