How to See When You Subscribed to a YouTube Channel

If it’s been a long time since you had been using YouTube, there can be a probability that you need to see the YouTube channels that you had subscribed to. Or you might need information on the duration that you had been subscribed to a channel.

see when you subscribed to youtube channel

However, this isn’t the information that YouTube shows. Even when you tap on the option of ‘All’ over the subscription page, you will only be able to see the details on the channel names that you had subscribed to.

It’s sad to see that YouTube until now hasn’t come up with a feature that’ll allow any user to take a look at when they had subscribed to a specific channel. There might have been times when you had searched for an answer online as well and the answer you might have got was that the subscriptions are shown in the date ascending order. But this isn’t true at all!

YouTube doesn’t provide the filter that says you can sort the channels by date, you will only be able to sort them in alphabetical order, the ‘new Activity’ and ‘most Relevant’. This depends on the frequency and relevance of content a specific channel provides and not the fact that you had subscribed to them.

Here in the guide below, we shall learn about how can you see when you had subscribed to a specific YouTube channel and the alternative methods as well. So keep on reading!

How to See When You Subscribed to a YouTube Channel

For being able to see when you had subscribed to a YouTube channel, you need to make the subscription public first. When you complete that, you need to copy and then past the link to

Now, this is amongst the many third-party tools that you will find online, but this one works. It can be useful when you need to know when you had subscribed to a specific channel.

The only thing that you need to do is provide the channel link of your account. And the tool is going to retrieve all of the data states and subscriptions. Here we have for you detailed steps that you can follow to make your work easier!

Step 1: Make the Subscription Public

The first step is making your account subscriptions public. This is going to allow the tool for retrieving the subscription details. If you keep the subscription private the tool isn’t going to work. YouTube allows the data on changing the privacy settings like playlists and subscriptions. Here is how you can do that:

  • Open YouTube application on the mobile device.
  • Now tap over your profile picture that’s on the navigation bar.
  • Select the option of ‘Your Channel’ from here.
  • Now tap over ‘Edit Channel’ tab.
  • Under the privacy option, disable the option of ‘Keep all my subscriptions private.

Once you have completed these steps, you can move ahead with the second step!

Step 2: Copy Channel Link

Now you need to copy the link of your channel. This will be needed in the next step. In case you are on the home page of the application, tap over your picture on the navigation bar.

  • Now tap on the ‘Your Channel’ option for going to your account.
  • When you open your channel, click on the three dots present on the navigation bar.
  • Here you will see options saying ‘Help and feedback’ and ‘Share’.
  • Now click on Share.
  • You will see multiple options saying Twitter, Copy link, and WhatsApp.
  • Now tap on the option ‘Copy Link’. The option will copy the link over the clipboard.

Now you’re ready for the third and final step!

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