Can You See Your Twitter DMs After Deactivation?

Twitter is among the best social media platforms today and also serves as a news outlet. What’s even more ironic is how often Twitter is in the news; trust us, it’s more often than you’d expect. If you think Instagram and Snapchat have made some risky decisions, that’s just because you haven’t heard Twitter out yet. For example, let’s talk about the latest Twitter news: the Musk takeover. Even if you aren’t a particularly avid news reader, you must’ve heard about how the Tesla CEO bought the platform for about $44 billion. It has to be one of the messiest social media takeovers in history.

can you see your twitter dms after deactivation

It all started back in April 2022, when he initially put in the offer. Twitter agreed, and the takeover went smoothly until Musk stated that Twitter was lying about its bot and spam account percentage. Elong thought it to be around 20%, while Twitter only mentioned 5%.

Although the then Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal tried to reason with Musk, it was to no avail. The deal fell through, and the hostility reached such a high level that Twitter threatened to sue Musk. However, not much about this matter was discussed at that time.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss whether you can see your Twitter DMs after deactivation. Stick with us until this blog’s end to learn all about it.

Can You See Your Twitter DMs After Deactivation?

DMing is a very common feature across all social media platforms. There’s a large number of users who only use their accounts to connect to their friends and family through groups and DMs. So, as you can tell, they’re really important.

If you’re wondering whether or not it is possible to see your Twitter DMs after deactivation, let us help you with that. No, after you’ve deactivated your account, there’s no way for you to see your DMs. However, you could request your Twitter data and then check out your DMs from there.

You could also log in and reactivate your account if it’s urgent.

Firstly, let’s talk about how you can recover your Twitter data. We’ve to warn you; this process is lengthy, so we’ll only suggest this if you have some time, not if you need the chats urgently.

Here’s how to recover your Twitter data

Step 1: Launch Twitter on your smartphone and log in to your account.

Step 2: The first screen you’ll see is your Twitter Home Page. At the top left corner, locate and tap on the small icon of your Twitter profile picture.

Step 3: A layover menu with several options will appear. At its bottom, you’ll see the Settings & Support option. Tap on it.

can you see your twitter dms after deactivation

Step 4: Two options will appear: Settings and privacy and Help Center. Tap on the former option. On the Settings page, tap the first option called Your account.

Step 5: On Your Account, there will be four options. Tap on the third one, called Download an archive of your data.

can you see your twitter dms after deactivation

Step 6: On the next page, verify your password. You’ll then be sent a mail to your registered email address for verification; fill it in. Tap on Request archive on the next page, and your work is done!

can you see your twitter dms after deactivation

Now all you need is to wait till Twitter collects and organizes your data neatly into a zip file. It can take about a day for this to happen. Then, open it and comb through to check your DMs with a user!

If you have a Twitter account, then you already know how to log in to your account. Next up, we’ll be discussing how to block a user on Twitter.

It’s not uncommon to come across creepy or inappropriate users every once in a while. The trick is to not let it steal your cool. After all, you do know the solution to this: just block them.

Moreover, blocking also deletes any chats between you from both devices.

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