How to See Private Twitter Accounts (Updated 2023)

Twitter is a popular social media platform where millions of people post tweets, reply to tweets, and try smart ways to engage with their audience. If you are a Twitter user, you must have come across several private Twitter profiles. These accounts are private and visible to only people following the particular user.

view private twitter account

There are times when we want to know what a user is posting without following them on Twitter. This leads us to the question, “can I get access to someone’s private Twitter account without following them”? Or, is it possible to keep track of their tweets, stories, and Twitter activities without them knowing?

The easiest way to know what the Twitter user has been up to is by sending a follow request. If they accept the request, you can check their profile to see their latest activities. If they don’t accept, you may have to try other ways.

Now, what if you don’t want to send a follow request? Let’s say it is your old friend, and you want to check their Twitter profile, but without following them. Can you do that?

Fortunately, yes! In this post, we are going to walk you through some of the easiest ways to view a private Twitter profile. So stick around till the end.

Why Do You Want to See Private Twitter Account?

Twitter is a great place for people interested in keeping up-to-date with the current and trending information around the entertainment industry, politics, and other areas. Perhaps, you were following a certain user on Twitter, and you liked their tweets.

view private twitter account

Due to certain reasons, you decided to unfollow them on Twitter, and now you want to know what they are posting. You can’t follow them back. So, your only option is to try smart ways to view the private profile of a Twitter user and see their protected tweets.

How to See Private Twitter Accounts

1. Private Twitter Viewer

Private Twitter Viewer by iStaunch is simple little tool that let’s people to see private Twitter accounts for free. Enter the username of the target you’d like to view the profile of and hit the “search” button. That’s it! You will get access to the user’s Twitter profile.

2. Send a Request from a Fake Profile

We do not recommend you create a fake Twitter profile, but if you already have a Twitter account with a business name or a fake profile, you can use it to send the target a follow request. Now, if it’s a fake profile, try to make it look as genuine as possible.

Remember that Twitter does not let any user view the protected tweets or private profiles. You have to follow the user in order to get access to their profile. So, if you can’t send a request using your original profile, consider using a fake profile to send them a request. Once you have sent the follow request, wait for the person to accept the request. You will get access to their profiles once they have accepted your follow request.

2. See Private Twitter Profile Using a Friend’s Account

If you have a mutual friend who’s also friends with the target user, you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating a new profile. Just use your friends’ account to view the private Tweets of the target person, and you are good to go! You can ask your friend who’s following this private account to send you the screenshots of the latest tweets by the user.

3. Twitter Private Account Viewer

Using third-party tools to check a private user’s profile on Twitter is not a bad idea. There are tons of free third-party tools that give you the details of the Twitter users and allow you to get access to their profiles without having to follow them. All you have to do is research different tools and find the one that is trusted by many users and give it a shot.

However, a vast majority of these tools do not work. Be careful if these tools ask you to share your personal details.

Never disclose personal information, such as your Twitter username and password, as disclosing this data to third-party services mean you will lose your privacy. Similarly, do not buy any subscription or pay for these services. The third-party tools are only recommended if they are available for free and they don’t ask you about your private details.

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