How to Find Someone’s Email on Twitter (Twitter Email Finder)

Twitter is the most sought social media handle when it comes to expressing one’s ideas and perspectives. As we have seen over the years, Twitter has become the favorite platform for celebrities, politicians, PR agents, and even the general public who wish to put the word across to the people. Nowadays, various brands are opting for Twitter to promote their products, and it has become a hotbed for B2B associations.

twitter email finder

People usually solicit another user’s email address to switch to a more personal communication mode instead of commenting or sliding into the concerned person’s Twitter DM.

Now, you must be wondering that since Twitter facilitates the B2B association then, there must be an easy way to look for the contact details of the person you wish to get in touch with.

But Twitter doesn’t operate like LinkedIn.

For example, there isn’t a separate section available on Twitter for users to upload their personal information and contact details.

Having said that, there are a few steps that you can follow to look for the email address of the person that you are looking for.

You can also use Twitter Email Finder by iStaunch tool to find someone’s email address from Twitter for free.

In this guide, you’ll also find a complete guide on how to find email address of someone’s Twitter account.

Can You Find Someone’s Email Address on Twitter?

There’s no other way to answer the question asked above, so we’re going to say this: it is both yes and no. Wondering how? Give us a chance to explain.

Let’s start by discussing if a user is ever asked to provide their email addresses on Twitter. If we’re talking about Twitter itself, their team would only ask you to provide your email address once: at the time of your account registration.

But why do they ask for it?

Well, it fulfills two purposes for them; the first purpose is to verify your identity, and the second one is to offer you a safe passage if you ever get locked out of your account or end up forgetting your password.

Now, once you share your email address with Twitter, what happens next? Twitter sends you a confirmation/verification mail, and then that address is noted as contact information for your account on their servers.

However, that’s about all they do with your email address; they won’t display it on your profile or ask you to do it at all.

In other words, it means that Twitter users have no such email address section on their profile where you can find it easily.

With that being said, we have no intention of letting you return empty-handed and have dug deep to come up with some tricks and tips you can use to look for a Twitter user’s email address on the platform itself.

Are you ready to check out these tricks and tips? Let’s get started right away!

Twitter Email Finder by iStaunch

Twitter Email Finder by iStaunch can help a person to search for relevant email addresses of Twitter profile for email marketing or any other kind of business activity.

You can use Twitter Email Finder by iStaunch to locate a person’s email address based on their name or company’s name that you might have found on Twitter. All you have to do is enter Twitter username and tap on the Find Email button.

Twitter Email Finder

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How to Find Someone’s Email on Twitter

Method 1: Check the Twitter Bio for Email Address

The most suitable step for you should be to visit the respective person’s bio. You can do that by typing the person’s name in the search bar and visiting their profile. Look for the email address or other contact details in the bio.

Here’s how you can:

  • Open Twitter and login to your account.
  • Click the search bar and enter the username of the person whose email you want to find.
twitter email finder
  • Go to their profile and look at the bio for emails.
twitter email finder
  • If there is no email then the user is not sharing it publicly.

There is a bleak chance that you might find the person’s email address in their bio as Twitter doesn’t allow more than 160 characters to fit into the bio.

So, people usually use this limited space to put in more relevant content pertaining to their ideologies and perspectives. So, if you are lucky you might find the email address over there but if not, I urge you to read ahead.

At times, people do not add the email address to their bio but might allied to it in any of their tweets and comments. Hence, it is advised that you should check for their external tweets and comments to get a hold of their email address.

Method 2: The URL section

Even if you couldn’t find this person’s email address in their bio, at least you’ve reached their profile now. Our second trick would need you to be exactly here. So, now that you’ve read their bio already, what’s the next thing you see there?

A user’s Twitter bio is followed by four icons that indicate these respectively: Location, URL, Birthday and Twitter joining period (in the format of month and year)

The section you need to check out now is the second one, with two grey chains linked with each other as its icon: the URL section. Any creator, influencer, business owner, or even a random user who happens to have a website or blog would certainly add its link in this section, both as an achievement and for advertising/promotion.

Method 3: Visit the Person’s Blog

It is a possibility that the person you are looking for might have added their website link or blog address to their Twitter bio. As already mentioned, the Twitter bio cannot exceed 160 characters and hence it is common for people to put in only relevant content. Adding in one’s website link or blog address does seem like a plausible thing to do.

twitter email finder

Method 4: Just Ask!

Another great option for you would directly ask the respective Twitter user to share their email address with you by messaging them through Twitter DM.

If you are lucky and if the other person wishes to engage in a conversation with you, then you might get a reply.

Method 5: Perform a Google Search

Another valid and plausible option for you would be to search for the name of the person on Google or any other search engine. If the person whose email address you wish to search for is related to the business or creative world then there is a high chance that you will get hold of their email address through some other portal and the link for the same can be obtained through the search engine of your choice.

Another option that you can use is to use the ‘Twitter advanced search’ by typing in words containing ‘at’ and ‘dot’ attributed to your desired person’s account.


The availability of a person’s email address on their Twitter bio depends upon the nature of their Twitter profile. Business profiles usually have a direct or indirect link to reach them but personal profiles might not have them. In those cases, it is best if you use any or all of the options mentioned above.

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