How to View Protected Tweets

View Protected Tweets: Twitter has become one of the most popular social networking sites for people around the world. You could find just about any kind of information on Twitter – whether it’s about politics or celebrity gossips.

view protected tweets

Twitter is your one-stop platform to stay up-to-date with trending topics. And while it helps you learn new things, there are quite a few restrictions on Twitter that might make it a little challenging for you to connect with your favorite people. There are times when you just want to unfollow someone on Twitter.

Perhaps, you don’t want people to know you are following the person or you simply unfollow this user as you are no longer interested to know what they are posting.

However, you may have to follow the Twitter user in order to collect information about their latest posts. You can’t really know their recent tweets or old tweets if they have gone protected on Twitter when you aren’t following them. The main reason why people go protected on Twitter is that they do not want the non-followers to access their tweets.

Is it Possible to View Protected Tweets?

People may also protect the tweets so that other users are unable to access the private messages they post. Maybe, they post sensitive information or any strategic detail that they do not want others to access. There is no easy way you could access the protected Tweets of a user without the user’s content. So, the only way you could access these tweets is by sending a follow request and waiting for them to accept your request.

Once they have accepted your follow request, you can view their tweets on a single centralized platform. One important thing you must note here is that your Twitter account will be public by default. This means all your tweets will be visible and accessible to over 500 million users.

If you want to keep the details private, you must turn your Twitter account into a private account. Now, coming back to the question, how can you view protected tweets in 2021? Below we are going to mention a few ways you can access the feed of a private Twitter user. Let’s check them out.

How to View Protected Tweets

Not every user who has gone private on Twitter has a private account on social media sites. You could easily check their posts on other social accounts if they have public accounts. You could drop a short yet convincing message asking the user to accept your request on Twitter.

This is one of the effective ways of getting the user to consider approving your request on Twitter. Alternatively, you can drop an email with the same request.


Ask a Friend: If the person has still not accepted your request on Twitter, then the only way you could find out about their tweets is by asking a friend who is following them on Twitter. The tweets of the user will be visible to those who are following this person. So, your best bet is to request your friend to share the user’s tweets with you.

Sign up for a New Twitter Account: A new profile gives you plenty of opportunities to get your request accepted. Perhaps, the user will accept the following request from your fake account. Now, creating a new profile is quite a simple procedure. Just pick a username that’s available on Twitter, write a bio, and put a profile picture. You don’t necessarily have to upload your photo. Upload any random photo and send a friend request to the private user.

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