How to Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number

Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number: Twitter is a very powerful yet mini-blogging site that provides short information, discussions, news, and ideas. Twitter leads to changing human ideas by retweeting with each other on-site. It is been operated by the biggest tycoon to a small teenager. The biggest of life events that happen around the world happen here. It made a commitment to people who are equal to your age criteria.

find someone on twitter by phone number

It is very easy nowadays to find contacts on social media sites through phone number. However, you first need to create your account to know if the particular person is using the same site. It was very hard to attach a phone number or e-mail address to find a particular person.

Nevertheless, now Twitter can sync your contacts and show whoever in your contact is using Twitter. Once your contacts are uploaded, this site is simple to use.

How to Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number

  • Install twitter; if don’t have an account, sign-up for it.
  • On the upper left corner tap on your profile icon.
  • Tap on settings and privacy in the drop-down menu.
  • Under your username; you will notice the privacy and safe option in the Settings and Privacy drop-down menu.
  • An option of Discoverability and contacts will appear if you scroll down.
  • You will notice sync address book and contacts options while dragging down; switch on to the position.
  • Tap on sync contacts to complete your process and then click on OK.

You will now view all the people in your contacts who are using Twitter by refreshing it newly. However, if the person has enabled the privacy settings by not allowing their accounts to be found by their contact info, you may not be able to found.

Search a Twitter User via Truecaller

Twitter, a social media sites that make 500,000 users a very week, has collaborated with Truecaller- a Swedish phone directory with a many-advanced feature to enhance itself in this world of artificial intelligence technology!

Through Truecaller, Indian Twitter users can now follow each other via phone numbers. They can call, follow or retweet them back by merely a Truecaller app. However, you do so, you have to keep your Twitter account connected with the Truecaller app.

According to the statement, released by Truecaller CEO and Co-Founder Alan Mamedi “ The person using Truecaller can instantly come to know who is using Twitter by the help of Truecaller and with just a missed call, he or she can retweet back. In addition, he said, they have specially made this feature for Indians who want fast and consistent communication.

Find Someone on Twitter by Username

You have to login or signup if you don’t have a Twitter account on your desktop or mobile app.

If you are using Twitter through a web-browser:

Enter the Twitter Username if you know or name of the person in the search box, then select their name by the search results that appeared on the Twitter page. If you are unable to search the user you are in need of, tap the enter button you will be able to view a full page of search results and keep on doing enter for more search results until you find the particular person.

If you are using Twitter through a mobile app:

Enter the username or name and tap the magnifying glass. You will come towards a range of searches by the same name. Your selection can be easy if they have put their own photo in the profile picture.

You can click on the follow button, once you have searched for the person on Twitter.

Find Contact by Browsing Twitter’s Suggestion

Twitter can make high-quality recommendations depending on the browsing history of your contacts, emails, names and other social media sources such as Facebook. You simply have to click the view all link just next to who to follow the subject header on the left side of the webpage.

Search contact by people-finding tools:

There are many third-party tools and websites, which helps you to find the person acting on a particular social media site. By you can find anyone unless they have changed their discoverability options on Twitter that has a direct impact on search results.

One more app is TwitterLocal that finds your Twitter user through the geographic location. It is a great app for the one who is interested to meet people living in any formal or informal way.

Twellow– a handy tool also known as Twitterverse is based to find profiles through keywords. Twellow profiles can be claimed by any Twitter usernames that belong to them.

Twitter Search as a search engine based especially on Twitter users. You can find anyone by typing in the search field on the top of the Twitter search header. When you search anything on Twitter Search, it brings tweets and results in chronological order. You can find people or your interest in profession by merely typing keywords. The people you receive through this search are active users of Twitter.

There are ample methods still to find someone on Twitter, apparently besides contacts only. The only important thing is they will be visible only if they are accessible and discoverable by not enabling privacy!

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