How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets Easily?

The world today is driven by social media, many people rely solely on their social media feed to update their information of the world around them. Twitter, specifically, has emerged as the most popular micro-blogging service in these times and the news travels the fastest on Twitter.

find deleted tweets

A deleted tweet that mentioned you can be a source of nightmares for you for instance. Unfortunately, there is no official way on Twitter to view other people’s deleted tweets. Even if it did mention you, you will only get a notification for the mention and it will be deleted as well as soon as the source tweet is deleted by the user that posted it in the first place.

However, there are workarounds that you can use to view a deleted tweet. Such methods do not ensure data security and privacy, though and are not recommended.

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How To Find Someone’s Deleted Tweets


Twipu allows users to view archived, deleted tweets from all Twitter accounts. The site stores all the deleted tweets in its storage and all you need to do to find a deleted tweet is to enter the username of the person whose deleted tweets you want to view.

This is one of the suggested methods to view delete tweets but the data security and reliability of this site can be questionable since no big names are backing it and the information obtained from such sites is not official.

2. SnapBird

This is a platform that helps you revisit your old tweets, sort, search and order them as well as check retweets and comments. But it does not load deleted tweets for you and you will need to use some third-party apps to check your as well as other users’ deleted tweets.

Final Words:

Apart from this, you can also sometimes find deleted tweets in the form of screenshots on Twitter as well as other platforms. Sometimes a viral tweet can stay on even after it has been deleted by the source user.

This happens when a tweet has been retweeted several times and some users then screenshot it or copy-paste it on their page instead of retweeting. In such cases, even if the tweet is deleted from the source, although all the retweets are automatically deleted, the screenshots and copy-pasted tweets stay and can be easily viewed by other users.